lyase activity

id: GO:0016829
name: lyase activity
namespace: molecular_function
type: go
obsolete: False

Description: Catalysis of the cleavage of C-C, C-O, C-N and other bonds by other means than by hydrolysis or oxidation, or conversely adding a group to a double bond. They differ from other enzymes in that two substrates are involved in one reaction direction, but only one in the other direction. When acting on the single substrate, a molecule is eliminated and this generates either a new double bond or a new ring.

Child Functions

GO:0004325ferrochelatase activity
GO:0016830carbon-carbon lyase activity
GO:0016835carbon-oxygen lyase activity
GO:0016840carbon-nitrogen lyase activity
GO:0016846carbon-sulfur lyase activity
GO:0016848carbon-halide lyase activity
GO:0016849phosphorus-oxygen lyase activity
GO:0016852sirohydrochlorin cobaltochelatase activity
GO:0018835carbon phosphorus lyase activity
GO:0018836alkylmercury lyase activity
GO:00437292-amino-5-formylamino-6-(5-phosphoribosylamino)pyrimidin-4(3H)-one formate-lyase activity
GO:0043779cobalt-precorrin-5A acetaldehyde-lyase activity
GO:0047720indoleacetaldoxime dehydratase activity

Parent Functions

GO:0003824catalytic activity