propionate metabolic process

id: GO:0019541
name: propionate metabolic process
namespace: biological_process
type: go
obsolete: False

Description: The chemical reactions and pathways involving propionate, the anion derived from propionic (propanoic) acid, a carboxylic acid important in the energy metabolism of ruminants.

Child Functions

GO:0019542propionate biosynthetic process
GO:0019543propionate catabolic process
GO:0019652lactate fermentation to propionate and acetate
GO:0019657pyruvate fermentation to propionate
GO:0019678propionate metabolic process, methylmalonyl pathway
GO:0019679propionate metabolic process, methylcitrate cycle
GO:0033509glutamate catabolic process to propionate

Parent Functions

GO:0032787monocarboxylic acid metabolic process