small nuclear ribonucleoprotein complex

id: GO:0030532
name: small nuclear ribonucleoprotein complex
namespace: cellular_component
type: go
obsolete: False

Description: A complex composed of RNA of the small nuclear RNA (snRNA) class and protein, found in the nucleus of a eukaryotic cell. These are typically named after the snRNA(s) they contain, e.g. U1 snRNP or U4/U6 snRNP. Many, but not all, of these complexes are involved in splicing of nuclear mRNAs.

Child Functions

GO:0005682U5 snRNP
GO:0005683U7 snRNP
GO:0005685U1 snRNP
GO:0005686U2 snRNP
GO:0005687U4 snRNP
GO:0005688U6 snRNP
GO:0005690U4atac snRNP
GO:0005691U6atac snRNP
GO:0005692U11 snRNP
GO:0005693U12 snRNP
GO:0034693U11/U12 snRNP
GO:0046540U4/U6 x U5 tri-snRNP complex
GO:0071001U4/U6 snRNP
GO:0071002U4atac/U6atac snRNP
GO:0071003penta-snRNP complex
GO:0071009U4atac/U6atac x U5 tri-snRNP complex
GO:0071024SL snRNP

Parent Functions

GO:0030529ribonucleoprotein complex
GO:0044428nuclear part