cellular protein metabolic process

id: GO:0044267
name: cellular protein metabolic process
namespace: biological_process
type: go
obsolete: False

Description: The chemical reactions and pathways involving a specific protein, rather than of proteins in general, occurring at the level of an individual cell. Includes protein modification.

Child Functions

GO:0006124ferredoxin metabolic process
GO:0006457protein folding
GO:0006464protein modification process
GO:0006465signal peptide processing
GO:0006624vacuolar protein processing
GO:0007220Notch receptor processing
GO:0030091protein repair
GO:0034982mitochondrial protein processing
GO:0035103sterol regulatory element binding protein cleavage
GO:0043335protein unfolding
GO:0044257cellular protein catabolic process
GO:0046154rhodopsin metabolic process
GO:0080120CAAX-box protein maturation

Parent Functions

GO:0019538protein metabolic process
GO:0044260cellular macromolecule metabolic process