synapse part

id: GO:0044456
name: synapse part
namespace: cellular_component
type: go
obsolete: False

Description: Any constituent part of a synapse, the junction between a nerve fiber of one neuron and another neuron or muscle fiber or glial cell.

Child Functions

GO:0008021synaptic vesicle
GO:0014069postsynaptic density
GO:0030129clathrin coat of synaptic vesicle
GO:0030285integral to synaptic vesicle membrane
GO:0030672synaptic vesicle membrane
GO:0034592synaptic vesicle lumen
GO:0043083synaptic cleft
GO:0043195terminal button
GO:0048786presynaptic active zone
GO:0048788presynaptic cytoskeletal matrix assembled at active zones
GO:0071212subsynaptic reticulum
GO:0097060synaptic membrane

Parent Functions