bacterial-type flagellum part

id: GO:0044461
name: bacterial-type flagellum part
namespace: cellular_component
type: go
obsolete: False

Description: Any constituent part of flagellum, a 20 nm diameter filament composed of subunits of flagellin driven passively at its base by a motor powered by the transmembrane proton potential. Examples of this component are found in bacterial species.

Child Functions

GO:0009420bacterial-type flagellum filament
GO:0009421bacterial-type flagellum filament cap
GO:0009422bacterial-type flagellum hook-filament junction
GO:0009424bacterial-type flagellum hook
GO:0009425bacterial-type flagellum basal body
GO:0009426bacterial-type flagellum basal body, distal rod
GO:0009427bacterial-type flagellum basal body, distal rod, L ring
GO:0009428bacterial-type flagellum basal body, distal rod, P ring
GO:0009429bacterial-type flagellum basal body, proximal rod
GO:0009431bacterial-type flagellum basal body, MS ring
GO:0009433bacterial-type flagellum basal body, C ring
GO:0030694bacterial-type flagellum basal body, rod
GO:0097015bacterial-type flagellar cytoplasm

Parent Functions

GO:0044460flagellum part