Inorganic ion transport and metabolism

id: P
name: Inorganic ion transport and metabolism
namespace: cog subcategory
type: cog
obsolete: False

Child Functions

COG0003Oxyanion-translocating ATPase
COG0004Ammonia permease
COG0025NhaP-type Na+/H+ and K+/H+ antiporters
COG0038Chloride channel protein EriC
COG0053Predicted Co/Zn/Cd cation transporters
COG0155Sulfite reductase, beta subunit (hemoprotein)
COG0168Trk-type K+ transport systems, membrane components
COG0226ABC-type phosphate transport system, periplasmic component
COG0288Carbonic anhydrase
COG0306Phosphate/sulphate permeases
COG0310ABC-type Co2+ transport system, permease component
COG0369Sulfite reductase, alpha subunit (flavoprotein)
COG0370Fe2+ transport system protein B
COG0376Catalase (peroxidase I)
COG0387Ca2+/H+ antiporter
COG0428Predicted divalent heavy-metal cations transporter
COG0444ABC-type dipeptide/oligopeptide/nickel transport system, ATPase component
COG0471Di- and tricarboxylate transporters
COG0474Cation transport ATPase
COG0475Kef-type K+ transport systems, membrane components
COG0477Permeases of the major facilitator superfamily
COG0490Putative regulatory, ligand-binding protein related to C-terminal domains of K+ channels
COG0529Adenylylsulfate kinase and related kinases
COG0530Ca2+/Na+ antiporter
COG0569K+ transport systems, NAD-binding component
COG0573ABC-type phosphate transport system, permease component
COG0581ABC-type phosphate transport system, permease component
COG0598Mg2+ and Co2+ transporters
COG0600ABC-type nitrate/sulfonate/bicarbonate transport system, permease component
COG0601ABC-type dipeptide/oligopeptide/nickel transport systems, permease components
COG0605Superoxide dismutase
COG0607Rhodanese-related sulfurtransferase
COG0609ABC-type Fe3+-siderophore transport system, permease component
COG0614ABC-type Fe3+-hydroxamate transport system, periplasmic component
COG0619ABC-type cobalt transport system, permease component CbiQ and related transporters
COG0651Formate hydrogenlyase subunit 3/Multisubunit Na+/H+ antiporter, MnhD subunit
COG0659Sulfate permease and related transporters (MFS superfamily)
COG0672High-affinity Fe2+/Pb2+ permease
COG0704Phosphate uptake regulator
COG0715ABC-type nitrate/sulfonate/bicarbonate transport systems, periplasmic components
COG0725ABC-type molybdate transport system, periplasmic component
COG0735Fe2+/Zn2+ uptake regulation proteins
COG0748Putative heme iron utilization protein
COG0783DNA-binding ferritin-like protein (oxidative damage protectant)
COG0798Arsenite efflux pump ACR3 and related permeases
COG0803ABC-type metal ion transport system, periplasmic component/surface adhesin
COG0855Polyphosphate kinase
COG0861Membrane protein TerC, possibly involved in tellurium resistance
COG1006Multisubunit Na+/H+ antiporter, MnhC subunit
COG1009NADH:ubiquinone oxidoreductase subunit 5 (chain L)/Multisubunit Na+/H+ antiporter, MnhA subunit
COG1055Na+/H+ antiporter NhaD and related arsenite permeases
COG1108ABC-type Mn2+/Zn2+ transport systems, permease components
COG1116ABC-type nitrate/sulfonate/bicarbonate transport system, ATPase component
COG1117ABC-type phosphate transport system, ATPase component
COG1118ABC-type sulfate/molybdate transport systems, ATPase component
COG1119ABC-type molybdenum transport system, ATPase component/photorepair protein PhrA
COG1120ABC-type cobalamin/Fe3+-siderophores transport systems, ATPase components
COG1121ABC-type Mn/Zn transport systems, ATPase component
COG1122ABC-type cobalt transport system, ATPase component
COG1124ABC-type dipeptide/oligopeptide/nickel transport system, ATPase component
COG1135ABC-type metal ion transport system, ATPase component
COG1173ABC-type dipeptide/oligopeptide/nickel transport systems, permease components
COG1178ABC-type Fe3+ transport system, permease component
COG12183'-Phosphoadenosine 5'-phosphosulfate (PAPS) 3'-phosphatase
COG1226Kef-type K+ transport systems, predicted NAD-binding component
COG1230Co/Zn/Cd efflux system component
COG1275Tellurite resistance protein and related permeases
COG1276Putative copper export protein
COG1283Na+/phosphate symporter
COG1320Multisubunit Na+/H+ antiporter, MnhG subunit
COG1324Uncharacterized protein involved in tolerance to divalent cations
COG1348Nitrogenase subunit NifH (ATPase)
COG1392Phosphate transport regulator (distant homolog of PhoU)
COG1393Arsenate reductase and related proteins, glutaredoxin family
COG1464ABC-type metal ion transport system, periplasmic component/surface antigen
COG1513Cyanate lyase
COG1528Ferritin-like protein
COG1553Uncharacterized conserved protein involved in intracellular sulfur reduction
COG1563Predicted subunit of the Multisubunit Na+/H+ antiporter
COG1613ABC-type sulfate transport system, periplasmic component
COG1629Outer membrane receptor proteins, mostly Fe transport
COG1668ABC-type Na+ efflux pump, permease component
COG1785Alkaline phosphatase
COG1824Permease, similar to cation transporters
COG1840ABC-type Fe3+ transport system, periplasmic component
COG1858Cytochrome c peroxidase
COG1863Multisubunit Na+/H+ antiporter, MnhE subunit
COG1910Periplasmic molybdate-binding protein/domain
COG1914Mn2+ and Fe2+ transporters of the NRAMP family
COG1918Fe2+ transport system protein A
COG1930ABC-type cobalt transport system, periplasmic component
COG1965Protein implicated in iron transport, frataxin homolog
COG2011ABC-type metal ion transport system, permease component
COG2032Cu/Zn superoxide dismutase
COG2046ATP sulfurylase (sulfate adenylyltransferase)
COG2059Chromate transport protein ChrA
COG2060K+-transporting ATPase, A chain
COG2072Predicted flavoprotein involved in K+ transport
COG2076Membrane transporters of cations and cationic drugs
COG2111Multisubunit Na+/H+ antiporter, MnhB subunit
COG2116Formate/nitrite family of transporters
COG2146Ferredoxin subunits of nitrite reductase and ring-hydroxylating dioxygenases
COG2156K+-transporting ATPase, c chain
COG2168Uncharacterized conserved protein involved in oxidation of intracellular sulfur
COG2193Bacterioferritin (cytochrome b1)
COG2212Multisubunit Na+/H+ antiporter, MnhF subunit
COG2216High-affinity K+ transport system, ATPase chain B
COG2217Cation transport ATPase
COG2223Nitrate/nitrite transporter
COG2239Mg/Co/Ni transporter MgtE (contains CBS domain)
COG2375Siderophore-interacting protein
COG2382Enterochelin esterase and related enzymes
COG2608Copper chaperone
COG2807Cyanate permease
COG2822Predicted periplasmic lipoprotein involved in iron transport
COG2824Uncharacterized Zn-ribbon-containing protein involved in phosphonate metabolism
COG2837Predicted iron-dependent peroxidase
COG2895GTPases - Sulfate adenylate transferase subunit 1
COG2897Rhodanese-related sulfurtransferase
COG2906Bacterioferritin-associated ferredoxin
COG2920Dissimilatory sulfite reductase (desulfoviridin), gamma subunit
COG2923Uncharacterized protein involved in the oxidation of intracellular sulfur
COG2967Uncharacterized protein affecting Mg2+/Co2+ transport
COG3004Na+/H+ antiporter
COG3015Uncharacterized lipoprotein NlpE involved in copper resistance
COG3062Uncharacterized protein involved in formation of periplasmic nitrate reductase
COG3067Na+/H+ antiporter
COG3119Arylsulfatase A and related enzymes
COG3131Periplasmic glucans biosynthesis protein
COG3142Uncharacterized protein involved in copper resistance
COG3158K+ transporter
COG3197Uncharacterized protein, possibly involved in nitrogen fixation
COG3213Uncharacterized protein involved in response to NO
COG3221ABC-type phosphate/phosphonate transport system, periplasmic component
COG3230Heme oxygenase
COG3256Nitric oxide reductase large subunit
COG3263NhaP-type Na+/H+ and K+/H+ antiporters with a unique C-terminal domain
COG3301Formate-dependent nitrite reductase, membrane component
COG3303Formate-dependent nitrite reductase, periplasmic cytochrome c552 subunit
COG3338Carbonic anhydrase
COG3376High-affinity nickel permease
COG3420Nitrous oxidase accessory protein
COG3454Metal-dependent hydrolase involved in phosphonate metabolism
COG3470Uncharacterized protein probably involved in high-affinity Fe2+ transport
COG3487Uncharacterized iron-regulated protein
COG3540Phosphodiesterase/alkaline phosphatase D
COG3546Mn-containing catalase
COG3615Uncharacterized protein/domain, possibly involved in tellurite resistance
COG3624Uncharacterized enzyme of phosphonate metabolism
COG3625Uncharacterized enzyme of phosphonate metabolism
COG3626Uncharacterized enzyme of phosphonate metabolism
COG3627Uncharacterized enzyme of phosphonate metabolism
COG3638ABC-type phosphate/phosphonate transport system, ATPase component
COG3639ABC-type phosphate/phosphonate transport system, permease component
COG3667Uncharacterized protein involved in copper resistance
COG3678P pilus assembly/Cpx signaling pathway, periplasmic inhibitor/zinc-resistance associated protein
COG3696Putative silver efflux pump
COG3703Uncharacterized protein involved in cation transport
COG3709Uncharacterized component of phosphonate metabolism
COG3712Fe2+-dicitrate sensor, membrane component
COG3720Putative heme degradation protein
COG3721Putative heme iron utilization protein
COG3746Phosphate-selective porin
COG3793Tellurite resistance protein
COG3853Uncharacterized protein involved in tellurite resistance
COG3965Predicted Co/Zn/Cd cation transporters
COG4097Predicted ferric reductase
COG4100Cystathionine beta-lyase family protein involved in aluminum resistance
COG4107ABC-type phosphonate transport system, ATPase component
COG4148ABC-type molybdate transport system, ATPase component
COG4149ABC-type molybdate transport system, permease component
COG4150ABC-type sulfate transport system, periplasmic component
COG4208ABC-type sulfate transport system, permease component
COG4242Cyanophycinase and related exopeptidases
COG4256Hemin uptake protein
COG4300Predicted permease, cadmium resistance protein
COG4362Nitric oxide synthase, oxygenase domain
COG4454Uncharacterized copper-binding protein
COG4521ABC-type taurine transport system, periplasmic component
COG4525ABC-type taurine transport system, ATPase component
COG4531ABC-type Zn2+ transport system, periplasmic component/surface adhesin
COG4535Putative Mg2+ and Co2+ transporter CorC
COG4536Putative Mg2+ and Co2+ transporter CorB
COG4548Nitric oxide reductase activation protein
COG4555ABC-type Na+ transport system, ATPase component
COG4558ABC-type hemin transport system, periplasmic component
COG4559ABC-type hemin transport system, ATPase component
COG4592ABC-type Fe2+-enterobactin transport system, periplasmic component
COG4594ABC-type Fe3+-citrate transport system, periplasmic component
COG4604ABC-type enterochelin transport system, ATPase component
COG4605ABC-type enterochelin transport system, permease component
COG4606ABC-type enterochelin transport system, permease component
COG4607ABC-type enterochelin transport system, periplasmic component
COG4615ABC-type siderophore export system, fused ATPase and permease components
COG4638Phenylpropionate dioxygenase and related ring-hydroxylating dioxygenases, large terminal subunit
COG4651Kef-type K+ transport system, predicted NAD-binding component
COG4771Outer membrane receptor for ferrienterochelin and colicins
COG4772Outer membrane receptor for Fe3+-dicitrate
COG4773Outer membrane receptor for ferric coprogen and ferric-rhodotorulic acid
COG4774Outer membrane receptor for monomeric catechols
COG4778ABC-type phosphonate transport system, ATPase component
COG4779ABC-type enterobactin transport system, permease component
COG4985ABC-type phosphate transport system, auxiliary component
COG4986ABC-type anion transport system, duplicated permease component
COG5036SPX domain-containing protein involved in vacuolar polyphosphate accumulation
COG5065Protein involved in inorganic phosphate transport
COG5266ABC-type Co2+ transport system, periplasmic component
COG5398Heme oxygenase
COG5456Predicted integral membrane protein linked to a cation pump

Parent Functions