General function prediction only

id: R
name: General function prediction only
namespace: cog subcategory
type: cog
obsolete: False

Child Functions

COG0073EMAP domain
COG0110Acetyltransferase (isoleucine patch superfamily)
COG0121Predicted glutamine amidotransferase
COG0218Predicted GTPase
COG0220Predicted S-adenosylmethionine-dependent methyltransferase
COG0300Short-chain dehydrogenases of various substrate specificities
COG0312Predicted Zn-dependent proteases and their inactivated homologs
COG0313Predicted methyltransferases
COG0319Predicted metal-dependent hydrolase
COG0325Predicted enzyme with a TIM-barrel fold
COG0354Predicted aminomethyltransferase related to GcvT
COG0375Zn finger protein HypA/HybF (possibly regulating hydrogenase expression)
COG0384Predicted epimerase, PhzC/PhzF homolog
COG0385Predicted Na+-dependent transporter
COG0388Predicted amidohydrolase
COG0390ABC-type uncharacterized transport system, permease component
COG0400Predicted esterase
COG0402Cytosine deaminase and related metal-dependent hydrolases
COG0429Predicted hydrolase of the alpha/beta-hydrolase fold
COG0431Predicted flavoprotein
COG0433Predicted ATPase
COG0434Predicted TIM-barrel enzyme
COG0446Uncharacterized NAD(FAD)-dependent dehydrogenases
COG0454Histone acetyltransferase HPA2 and related acetyltransferases
COG0457FOG: TPR repeat
COG0477Permeases of the major facilitator superfamily
COG0486Predicted GTPase
COG0488ATPase components of ABC transporters with duplicated ATPase domains
COG0491Zn-dependent hydrolases, including glyoxylases
COG0493NADPH-dependent glutamate synthase beta chain and related oxidoreductases
COG0494NTP pyrophosphohydrolases including oxidative damage repair enzymes
COG0496Predicted acid phosphatase
COG0500SAM-dependent methyltransferases
COG0515Serine/threonine protein kinase
COG0517FOG: CBS domain
COG0523Putative GTPases (G3E family)
COG0535Predicted Fe-S oxidoreductases
COG0536Predicted GTPase
COG0537Diadenosine tetraphosphate (Ap4A) hydrolase and other HIT family hydrolases
COG0546Predicted phosphatases
COG0561Predicted hydrolases of the HAD superfamily
COG0579Predicted dehydrogenase
COG0591Na+/proline symporter
COG0595Predicted hydrolase of the metallo-beta-lactamase superfamily
COG0596Predicted hydrolases or acyltransferases (alpha/beta hydrolase superfamily)
COG0603Predicted PP-loop superfamily ATPase
COG0604NADPH:quinone reductase and related Zn-dependent oxidoreductases
COG0612Predicted Zn-dependent peptidases
COG0613Predicted metal-dependent phosphoesterases (PHP family)
COG0618Exopolyphosphatase-related proteins
COG0622Predicted phosphoesterase
COG0627Predicted esterase
COG0628Predicted permease
COG0637Predicted phosphatase/phosphohexomutase
COG0641Arylsulfatase regulator (Fe-S oxidoreductase)
COG0645Predicted kinase
COG0655Multimeric flavodoxin WrbA
COG0656Aldo/keto reductases, related to diketogulonate reductase
COG0658Predicted membrane metal-binding protein
COG0661Predicted unusual protein kinase
COG0663Carbonic anhydrases/acetyltransferases, isoleucine patch superfamily
COG0666FOG: Ankyrin repeat
COG0670Integral membrane protein, interacts with FtsH
COG0673Predicted dehydrogenases and related proteins
COG0679Predicted permeases
COG0693Putative intracellular protease/amidase
COG0697Permeases of the drug/metabolite transporter (DMT) superfamily
COG0699Predicted GTPases (dynamin-related)
COG0701Predicted permeases
COG0705Uncharacterized membrane protein (homolog of Drosophila rhomboid)
COG0714MoxR-like ATPases
COG0724RNA-binding proteins (RRM domain)
COG0727Predicted Fe-S-cluster oxidoreductase
COG0728Uncharacterized membrane protein, putative virulence factor
COG0730Predicted permeases
COG0733Na+-dependent transporters of the SNF family
COG0780Enzyme related to GTP cyclohydrolase I
COG0790FOG: TPR repeat, SEL1 subfamily
COG0795Predicted permeases
COG0802Predicted ATPase or kinase
COG0820Predicted Fe-S-cluster redox enzyme
COG0824Predicted thioesterase
COG0857BioD-like N-terminal domain of phosphotransacetylase
COG1011Predicted hydrolase (HAD superfamily)
COG1019Predicted nucleotidyltransferase
COG1026Predicted Zn-dependent peptidases, insulinase-like
COG1028Dehydrogenases with different specificities (related to short-chain alcohol dehydrogenases)
COG1033Predicted exporters of the RND superfamily
COG1040Predicted amidophosphoribosyltransferases
COG1052Lactate dehydrogenase and related dehydrogenases
COG1054Predicted sulfurtransferase
COG1058Predicted nucleotide-utilizing enzyme related to molybdopterin-biosynthesis enzyme MoeA
COG1060Thiamine biosynthesis enzyme ThiH and related uncharacterized enzymes
COG1063Threonine dehydrogenase and related Zn-dependent dehydrogenases
COG1064Zn-dependent alcohol dehydrogenases
COG1073Hydrolases of the alpha/beta superfamily
COG1075Predicted acetyltransferases and hydrolases with the alpha/beta hydrolase fold
COG1078HD superfamily phosphohydrolases
COG1079Uncharacterized ABC-type transport system, permease component
COG1084Predicted GTPase
COG1090Predicted nucleoside-diphosphate sugar epimerase
COG1092Predicted SAM-dependent methyltransferases
COG1094Predicted RNA-binding protein (contains KH domains)
COG1099Predicted metal-dependent hydrolases with the TIM-barrel fold
COG1100GTPase SAR1 and related small G proteins
COG1101ABC-type uncharacterized transport system, ATPase component
COG1103Archaea-specific pyridoxal phosphate-dependent enzymes
COG1106Predicted ATPases
COG1123ATPase components of various ABC-type transport systems, contain duplicated ATPase
COG1137ABC-type (unclassified) transport system, ATPase component
COG1160Predicted GTPases
COG1161Predicted GTPases
COG1162Predicted GTPases
COG1163Predicted GTPase
COG1201Lhr-like helicases
COG1202Superfamily II helicase, archaea-specific
COG1203Predicted helicases
COG1204Superfamily II helicase
COG1205Distinct helicase family with a unique C-terminal domain including a metal-binding cysteine cluster
COG1216Predicted glycosyltransferases
COG1223Predicted ATPase (AAA+ superfamily)
COG1234Metal-dependent hydrolases of the beta-lactamase superfamily III
COG1235Metal-dependent hydrolases of the beta-lactamase superfamily I
COG1237Metal-dependent hydrolases of the beta-lactamase superfamily II
COG1242Predicted Fe-S oxidoreductase
COG1244Predicted Fe-S oxidoreductase
COG1245Predicted ATPase, RNase L inhibitor (RLI) homolog
COG1253Hemolysins and related proteins containing CBS domains
COG1266Predicted metal-dependent membrane protease
COG1268Uncharacterized conserved protein
COG1272Predicted membrane protein, hemolysin III homolog
COG1277ABC-type transport system involved in multi-copper enzyme maturation, permease component
COG1279Lysine efflux permease
COG1286Uncharacterized membrane protein, required for colicin V production
COG1287Uncharacterized membrane protein, required for N-linked glycosylation
COG1310Predicted metal-dependent protease of the PAD1/JAB1 superfamily
COG1313Uncharacterized Fe-S protein PflX, homolog of pyruvate formate lyase activating proteins
COG1323Predicted nucleotidyltransferase
COG1326Uncharacterized archaeal Zn-finger protein
COG1341Predicted GTPase or GTP-binding protein
COG1342Predicted DNA-binding proteins
COG1350Predicted alternative tryptophan synthase beta-subunit (paralog of TrpB)
COG1353Predicted hydrolase of the HD superfamily (permuted catalytic motifs)
COG1355Predicted dioxygenase
COG1365Predicted ATPase (PP-loop superfamily)
COG1373Predicted ATPase (AAA+ superfamily)
COG1380Putative effector of murein hydrolase LrgA
COG1387Histidinol phosphatase and related hydrolases of the PHP family
COG1399Predicted metal-binding, possibly nucleic acid-binding protein
COG1402Uncharacterized protein, putative amidase
COG1407Predicted ICC-like phosphoesterases
COG1408Predicted phosphohydrolases
COG1409Predicted phosphohydrolases
COG1411Uncharacterized protein related to proFAR isomerase (HisA)
COG1412Uncharacterized proteins of PilT N-term./Vapc superfamily
COG1418Predicted HD superfamily hydrolase
COG1427Predicted periplasmic solute-binding protein
COG1439Predicted nucleic acid-binding protein, consists of a PIN domain and a Zn-ribbon module
COG1444Predicted P-loop ATPase fused to an acetyltransferase
COG1451Predicted metal-dependent hydrolase
COG1453Predicted oxidoreductases of the aldo/keto reductase family
COG1458Predicted DNA-binding protein containing PIN domain
COG1461Predicted kinase related to dihydroxyacetone kinase
COG1473Metal-dependent amidase/aminoacylase/carboxypeptidase
COG1480Predicted membrane-associated HD superfamily hydrolase
COG1483Predicted ATPase (AAA+ superfamily)
COG1485Predicted ATPase
COG1487Predicted nucleic acid-binding protein, contains PIN domain
COG1489DNA-binding protein, stimulates sugar fermentation
COG1512Beta-propeller domains of methanol dehydrogenase type
COG1524Uncharacterized proteins of the AP superfamily
COG1532Predicted RNA-binding protein
COG1537Predicted RNA-binding proteins
COG1540Uncharacterized proteins, homologs of lactam utilization protein B
COG1545Predicted nucleic-acid-binding protein containing a Zn-ribbon
COG1546Uncharacterized protein (competence- and mitomycin-induced)
COG1559Predicted periplasmic solute-binding protein
COG1568Predicted methyltransferases
COG1569Predicted nucleic acid-binding protein, contains PIN domain
COG1571Predicted DNA-binding protein containing a Zn-ribbon domain
COG1574Predicted metal-dependent hydrolase with the TIM-barrel fold
COG1579Zn-ribbon protein, possibly nucleic acid-binding
COG1597Sphingosine kinase and enzymes related to eukaryotic diacylglycerol kinase
COG1606ATP-utilizing enzymes of the PP-loop superfamily
COG1608Predicted archaeal kinase
COG1611Predicted Rossmann fold nucleotide-binding protein
COG1623Predicted nucleic-acid-binding protein (contains the HHH domain)
COG1634Uncharacterized Rossmann fold enzyme
COG1645Uncharacterized Zn-finger containing protein
COG1646Predicted phosphate-binding enzymes, TIM-barrel fold
COG1660Predicted P-loop-containing kinase
COG1661Predicted DNA-binding protein with PD1-like DNA-binding motif
COG1669Predicted nucleotidyltransferases
COG1672Predicted ATPase (AAA+ superfamily)
COG1691NCAIR mutase (PurE)-related proteins
COG1694Predicted pyrophosphatase
COG1707ACT domain-containing protein
COG1708Predicted nucleotidyltransferases
COG1712Predicted dinucleotide-utilizing enzyme
COG1719Predicted hydrocarbon binding protein (contains V4R domain)
COG1721Uncharacterized conserved protein (some members contain a von Willebrand factor type A (vWA) domain)
COG1735Predicted metal-dependent hydrolase with the TIM-barrel fold
COG1741Pirin-related protein
COG1744Uncharacterized ABC-type transport system, periplasmic component/surface lipoprotein
COG1745Predicted metal-binding protein
COG1750Archaeal serine proteases
COG1752Predicted esterase of the alpha-beta hydrolase superfamily
COG1754Uncharacterized C-terminal domain of topoisomerase IA
COG1759ATP-utilizing enzymes of ATP-grasp superfamily (probably carboligases)
COG1768Predicted phosphohydrolase
COG1778Low specificity phosphatase (HAD superfamily)
COG1779C4-type Zn-finger protein
COG1782Predicted metal-dependent RNase, consists of a metallo-beta-lactamase domain and an RNA-binding KH domain
COG1783Phage terminase large subunit
COG1800Predicted transglutaminase-like proteases
COG1811Uncharacterized membrane protein, possible Na+ channel or pump
COG1818Predicted RNA-binding protein, contains THUMP domain
COG1821Predicted ATP-utilizing enzyme (ATP-grasp superfamily)
COG1823Predicted Na+/dicarboxylate symporter
COG1827Predicted small molecule binding protein (contains 3H domain)
COG1829Predicted archaeal kinase (sugar kinase superfamily)
COG1831Predicted metal-dependent hydrolase (urease superfamily)
COG1832Predicted CoA-binding protein
COG1837Predicted RNA-binding protein (contains KH domain)
COG1847Predicted RNA-binding protein
COG1848Predicted nucleic acid-binding protein, contains PIN domain
COG1853Conserved protein/domain typically associated with flavoprotein oxygenases, DIM6/NTAB family
COG1855ATPase (PilT family)
COG1878Predicted metal-dependent hydrolase
COG1881Phospholipid-binding protein
COG1896Predicted hydrolases of HD superfamily
COG1907Predicted archaeal sugar kinases
COG1913Predicted Zn-dependent proteases
COG1923Uncharacterized host factor I protein
COG1926Predicted phosphoribosyltransferases
COG1938Archaeal enzymes of ATP-grasp superfamily
COG1942Uncharacterized protein, 4-oxalocrotonate tautomerase homolog
COG1964Predicted Fe-S oxidoreductases
COG1988Predicted membrane-bound metal-dependent hydrolases
COG1994Zn-dependent proteases
COG1999Uncharacterized protein SCO1/SenC/PrrC, involved in biogenesis of respiratory and photosynthetic systems
COG2000Predicted Fe-S protein
COG2005N-terminal domain of molybdenum-binding protein
COG2018Uncharacterized distant relative of homeotic protein bithoraxoid
COG2041Sulfite oxidase and related enzymes
COG2044Predicted peroxiredoxins
COG2045Phosphosulfolactate phosphohydrolase and related enzymes
COG2047Uncharacterized protein (ATP-grasp superfamily)
COG2054Uncharacterized archaeal kinase related to aspartokinases, uridylate kinases
COG2056Predicted permease
COG2068Uncharacterized MobA-related protein
COG2070Dioxygenases related to 2-nitropropane dioxygenase
COG2071Predicted glutamine amidotransferases
COG2079Uncharacterized protein involved in propionate catabolism
COG2081Predicted flavoproteins
COG2085Predicted dinucleotide-binding enzymes
COG2100Predicted Fe-S oxidoreductase
COG2102Predicted ATPases of PP-loop superfamily
COG2103Predicted sugar phosphate isomerase
COG2107Predicted periplasmic solute-binding protein
COG2108Uncharacterized conserved protein related to pyruvate formate-lyase activating enzyme
COG2110Predicted phosphatase homologous to the C-terminal domain of histone macroH2A1
COG2118DNA-binding protein
COG2129Predicted phosphoesterases, related to the Icc protein
COG2130Putative NADP-dependent oxidoreductases
COG2137Uncharacterized protein conserved in bacteria
COG2140Thermophilic glucose-6-phosphate isomerase and related metalloenzymes
COG2144Selenophosphate synthetase-related proteins
COG2146Ferredoxin subunits of nitrite reductase and ring-hydroxylating dioxygenases
COG2150Predicted regulator of amino acid metabolism, contains ACT domain
COG2151Predicted metal-sulfur cluster biosynthetic enzyme
COG2153Predicted acyltransferase
COG2158Uncharacterized protein containing a Zn-finger-like domain
COG2159Predicted metal-dependent hydrolase of the TIM-barrel fold
COG2166SufE protein probably involved in Fe-S center assembly
COG2179Predicted hydrolase of the HAD superfamily
COG2194Predicted membrane-associated, metal-dependent hydrolase
COG2215ABC-type uncharacterized transport system, permease component
COG2220Predicted Zn-dependent hydrolases of the beta-lactamase fold
COG2229Predicted GTPase
COG2232Predicted ATP-dependent carboligase related to biotin carboxylase
COG2234Predicted aminopeptidases
COG2236Predicted phosphoribosyltransferases
COG2244Membrane protein involved in the export of O-antigen and teichoic acid
COG2248Predicted hydrolase (metallo-beta-lactamase superfamily)
COG2249Putative NADPH-quinone reductase (modulator of drug activity B)
COG2251Predicted nuclease (RecB family)
COG2270Permeases of the major facilitator superfamily
COG2304Uncharacterized protein containing a von Willebrand factor type A (vWA) domain
COG2312Erythromycin esterase homolog
COG2316Predicted hydrolase (HD superfamily)
COG2319FOG: WD40 repeat
COG2321Predicted metalloprotease
COG2329Uncharacterized enzyme involved in biosynthesis of extracellular polysaccharides
COG2333Predicted hydrolase (metallo-beta-lactamase superfamily)
COG2334Putative homoserine kinase type II (protein kinase fold)
COG2344AT-rich DNA-binding protein
COG2346Truncated hemoglobins
COG2351Transthyretin-like protein
COG2358TRAP-type uncharacterized transport system, periplasmic component
COG2366Protein related to penicillin acylase
COG2372Uncharacterized protein, homolog of Cu resistance protein CopC
COG2373Large extracellular alpha-helical protein
COG2374Predicted extracellular nuclease
COG2384Predicted SAM-dependent methyltransferase
COG2388Predicted acetyltransferase
COG2389Uncharacterized metal-binding protein
COG2391Predicted transporter component
COG2401ABC-type ATPase fused to a predicted acetyltransferase domain
COG2402Predicted nucleic acid-binding protein, contains PIN domain
COG2403Predicted GTPase
COG2404Predicted phosphohydrolase (DHH superfamily)
COG2405Predicted nucleic acid-binding protein, contains PIN domain
COG2406Protein distantly related to bacterial ferritins
COG2409Predicted drug exporters of the RND superfamily
COG2413Predicted nucleotidyltransferase
COG2425Uncharacterized protein containing a von Willebrand factor type A (vWA) domain
COG2503Predicted secreted acid phosphatase
COG2509Uncharacterized FAD-dependent dehydrogenases
COG2514Predicted ring-cleavage extradiol dioxygenase
COG2516Biotin synthase-related enzyme
COG2517Predicted RNA-binding protein containing a C-terminal EMAP domain
COG2520Predicted methyltransferase
COG2521Predicted archaeal methyltransferase
COG2522Predicted transcriptional regulator
COG2603Predicted ATPase
COG2605Predicted kinase related to galactokinase and mevalonate kinase
COG2607Predicted ATPase (AAA+ superfamily)
COG2704Anaerobic C4-dicarboxylate transporter
COG2715Uncharacterized membrane protein, required for spore maturation in B.subtilis.
COG2738Predicted Zn-dependent protease
COG2768Uncharacterized Fe-S center protein
COG2802Uncharacterized protein, similar to the N-terminal domain of Lon protease
COG2819Predicted hydrolase of the alpha/beta superfamily
COG2823Predicted periplasmic or secreted lipoprotein
COG2842Uncharacterized ATPase, putative transposase
COG2872Predicted metal-dependent hydrolases related to alanyl-tRNA synthetase HxxxH domain
COG2907Predicted NAD/FAD-binding protein
COG2910Putative NADH-flavin reductase
COG2915Uncharacterized protein involved in purine metabolism
COG2916DNA-binding protein H-NS
COG2933Predicted SAM-dependent methyltransferase
COG2936Predicted acyl esterases
COG2940Proteins containing SET domain
COG2945Predicted hydrolase of the alpha/beta superfamily
COG2961Protein involved in catabolism of external DNA
COG2962Predicted permeases
COG2969Stringent starvation protein B
COG2984ABC-type uncharacterized transport system, periplasmic component
COG2985Predicted permease
COG2992Uncharacterized FlgJ-related protein
COG3008Paraquat-inducible protein B
COG3019Predicted metal-binding protein
COG3030Protein affecting phage T7 exclusion by the F plasmid
COG3042Putative hemolysin
COG3044Predicted ATPase of the ABC class
COG3046Uncharacterized protein related to deoxyribodipyrimidine photolyase
COG3054Predicted transcriptional regulator
COG3081Nucleoid-associated protein
COG3083Predicted hydrolase of alkaline phosphatase superfamily
COG3093Plasmid maintenance system antidote protein
COG3106Predicted ATPase
COG3107Putative lipoprotein
COG3113Predicted NTP binding protein (contains STAS domain)
COG3129Predicted SAM-dependent methyltransferase
COG3136Uncharacterized membrane protein required for alginate biosynthesis
COG3150Predicted esterase
COG3153Predicted acetyltransferase
COG3173Predicted aminoglycoside phosphotransferase
COG3176Putative hemolysin
COG3178Predicted phosphotransferase related to Ser/Thr protein kinases
COG3179Predicted chitinase
COG3180Putative ammonia monooxygenase
COG31854-hydroxyphenylpyruvate dioxygenase and related hemolysins
COG3193Uncharacterized protein, possibly involved in utilization of glycolate and propanediol
COG3211Predicted phosphatase
COG3217Uncharacterized Fe-S protein
COG3218ABC-type uncharacterized transport system, auxiliary component
COG3233Predicted deacetylase
COG3257Uncharacterized protein, possibly involved in glyoxylate utilization
COG3269Predicted RNA-binding protein, contains TRAM domain
COG3271Predicted double-glycine peptidase
COG3291FOG: PKD repeat
COG3302DMSO reductase anchor subunit
COG3313Predicted Fe-S protein
COG3318Predicted metal-binding protein related to the C-terminal domain of SecA
COG3324Predicted enzyme related to lactoylglutathione lyase
COG3329Predicted permease
COG3331Penicillin-binding protein-related factor A, putative recombinase
COG3341Predicted double-stranded RNA/RNA-DNA hybrid binding protein
COG3364Zn-ribbon containing protein
COG3368Predicted permease
COG3378Predicted ATPase
COG3380Predicted NAD/FAD-dependent oxidoreductase
COG3381Uncharacterized component of anaerobic dehydrogenases
COG3383Uncharacterized anaerobic dehydrogenase
COG3393Predicted acetyltransferase
COG3401Fibronectin type 3 domain-containing protein
COG3413Predicted DNA binding protein
COG3417Collagen-binding surface adhesin SpaP (antigen I/II family)
COG3442Predicted glutamine amidotransferase
COG3443Predicted periplasmic or secreted protein
COG3445Acid-induced glycyl radical enzyme
COG3450Predicted enzyme of the cupin superfamily
COG3467Predicted flavin-nucleotide-binding protein
COG3478Predicted nucleic-acid-binding protein containing a Zn-ribbon domain
COG3481Predicted HD-superfamily hydrolase
COG3489Predicted periplasmic lipoprotein
COG3491Isopenicillin N synthase and related dioxygenases
COG3497Phage tail sheath protein FI
COG3498Phage tail tube protein FII
COG3499Phage protein U
COG3500Phage protein D
COG3529Predicted nucleic-acid-binding protein containing a Zn-ribbon domain
COG3541Predicted nucleotidyltransferase
COG3545Predicted esterase of the alpha/beta hydrolase fold
COG3549Plasmid maintenance system killer protein
COG3550Uncharacterized protein related to capsule biosynthesis enzymes
COG3552Protein containing von Willebrand factor type A (vWA) domain
COG3560Predicted oxidoreductase related to nitroreductase
COG3565Predicted dioxygenase of extradiol dioxygenase family
COG3568Metal-dependent hydrolase
COG3571Predicted hydrolase of the alpha/beta-hydrolase fold
COG3573Predicted oxidoreductase
COG3576Predicted flavin-nucleotide-binding protein structurally related to pyridoxine 5'-phosphate oxidase
COG3577Predicted aspartyl protease
COG3582Predicted nucleic acid binding protein containing the AN1-type Zn-finger
COG3596Predicted GTPase
COG3607Predicted lactoylglutathione lyase
COG3608Predicted deacylase
COG3618Predicted metal-dependent hydrolase of the TIM-barrel fold
COG3628Phage baseplate assembly protein W
COG3631Ketosteroid isomerase-related protein
COG3641Predicted membrane protein, putative toxin regulator
COG3654Prophage maintenance system killer protein
COG3668Plasmid stabilization system protein
COG3683ABC-type uncharacterized transport system, periplasmic component
COG3687Predicted metal-dependent hydrolase
COG3688Predicted RNA-binding protein containing a PIN domain
COG3694ABC-type uncharacterized transport system, permease component
COG3700Acid phosphatase (class B)
COG3726Uncharacterized membrane protein affecting hemolysin expression
COG3729General stress protein
COG3740Phage head maturation protease
COG3769Predicted hydrolase (HAD superfamily)
COG3772Phage-related lysozyme (muraminidase)
COG3788Uncharacterized relative of glutathione S-transferase, MAPEG superfamily
COG3800Predicted transcriptional regulator
COG3818Predicted acetyltransferase, GNAT superfamily
COG3822ABC-type sugar transport system, auxiliary component
COG3845ABC-type uncharacterized transport systems, ATPase components
COG3858Predicted glycosyl hydrolase
COG3871Uncharacterized stress protein (general stress protein 26)
COG3872Predicted metal-dependent enzyme
COG3889Predicted solute binding protein
COG3894Uncharacterized metal-binding protein
COG3895Predicted periplasmic protein
COG3897Predicted methyltransferase
COG3899Predicted ATPase
COG3903Predicted ATPase
COG3907PAP2 (acid phosphatase) superfamily protein
COG3910Predicted ATPase
COG3911Predicted ATPase
COG3919Predicted ATP-grasp enzyme
COG3926Putative secretion activating protein
COG3932Uncharacterized ABC-type transport system, permease components
COG3940Predicted beta-xylosidase
COG3941Mu-like prophage protein
COG3942Surface antigen
COG3943Virulence protein
COG3948Phage-related baseplate assembly protein
COG3950Predicted ATP-binding protein involved in virulence
COG3953SLT domain proteins
COG3956Protein containing tetrapyrrole methyltransferase domain and MazG-like (predicted pyrophosphatase) domain
COG3960Glyoxylate carboligase
COG3961Pyruvate decarboxylase and related thiamine pyrophosphate-requiring enzymes
COG3964Predicted amidohydrolase
COG3968Uncharacterized protein related to glutamine synthetase
COG3969Predicted phosphoadenosine phosphosulfate sulfotransferase
COG3970Fumarylacetoacetate (FAA) hydrolase family protein
COG3972Superfamily I DNA and RNA helicases
COG3973Superfamily I DNA and RNA helicases
COG3975Predicted protease with the C-terminal PDZ domain
COG3979Uncharacterized protein contain chitin-binding domain type 3
COG3981Predicted acetyltransferase
COG4001Predicted metal-binding protein
COG4002Predicted phosphotransacetylase
COG4007Predicted dehydrogenase related to H2-forming N5,N10-methylenetetrahydromethanopterin dehydrogenase
COG4015Predicted dinucleotide-utilizing enzyme of the ThiF/HesA family
COG4026Uncharacterized protein containing TOPRIM domain, potential nuclease
COG4028Predicted P-loop ATPase/GTPase
COG4031Predicted metal-binding protein
COG4032Predicted thiamine-pyrophosphate-binding protein
COG4049Uncharacterized protein containing archaeal-type C2H2 Zn-finger
COG4052Uncharacterized protein related to methyl coenzyme M reductase subunit C
COG4076Predicted RNA methylase
COG4085Predicted RNA-binding protein, contains TRAM domain
COG4087Soluble P-type ATPase
COG4099Predicted peptidase
COG4105DNA uptake lipoprotein
COG4106Trans-aconitate methyltransferase
COG4110Uncharacterized protein involved in stress response
COG4111Uncharacterized conserved protein
COG4112Predicted phosphoesterase (MutT family)
COG4113Predicted nucleic acid-binding protein, contains PIN domain
COG4114Uncharacterized Fe-S protein
COG4119Predicted NTP pyrophosphohydrolase
COG4120ABC-type uncharacterized transport system, permease component
COG4122Predicted O-methyltransferase
COG4123Predicted O-methyltransferase
COG4128Zonula occludens toxin
COG4132ABC-type uncharacterized transport system, permease component
COG4134ABC-type uncharacterized transport system, periplasmic component
COG4135ABC-type uncharacterized transport system, permease component
COG4136ABC-type uncharacterized transport system, ATPase component
COG4137ABC-type uncharacterized transport system, permease component
COG4146Predicted symporter
COG4147Predicted symporter
COG4152ABC-type uncharacterized transport system, ATPase component
COG4158Predicted ABC-type sugar transport system, permease component
COG4172ABC-type uncharacterized transport system, duplicated ATPase component
COG4174ABC-type uncharacterized transport system, permease component
COG4178ABC-type uncharacterized transport system, permease and ATPase components
COG4186Predicted phosphoesterase or phosphohydrolase
COG4188Predicted dienelactone hydrolase
COG4194Predicted membrane protein
COG4195Phage-related replication protein
COG4221Short-chain alcohol dehydrogenase of unknown specificity
COG4225Predicted unsaturated glucuronyl hydrolase involved in regulation of bacterial surface properties, and related proteins
COG4228Mu-like prophage DNA circulation protein
COG4239ABC-type uncharacterized transport system, permease component
COG4240Predicted kinase
COG4245Uncharacterized protein encoded in toxicity protection region of plasmid R478, contains von Willebrand factor (vWF) domain
COG4248Uncharacterized protein with protein kinase and helix-hairpin-helix DNA-binding domains
COG4249Uncharacterized protein containing caspase domain
COG4258Predicted exporter
COG4261Predicted acyltransferase
COG4262Predicted spermidine synthase with an N-terminal membrane domain
COG4277Predicted DNA-binding protein with the Helix-hairpin-helix motif
COG4287PhoPQ-activated pathogenicity-related protein
COG4310Uncharacterized protein conserved in bacteria with an aminopeptidase-like domain
COG4321Uncharacterized protein related to arylsulfate sulfotransferase involved in siderophore biosynthesis
COG4324Predicted aminopeptidase
COG4326Sporulation control protein
COG4341Predicted HD phosphohydrolase
COG4373Mu-like prophage FluMu protein gp28
COG4379Mu-like prophage tail protein gpP
COG4385Bacteriophage P2-related tail formation protein
COG4386Mu-like prophage tail sheath protein gpL
COG4388Mu-like prophage I protein
COG4396Mu-like prophage host-nuclease inhibitor protein Gam
COG4397Mu-like prophage major head subunit gpT
COG4416Mu-like prophage protein Com
COG4447Uncharacterized protein related to plant photosystem II stability/assembly factor
COG4449Predicted protease of the Abi (CAAX) family
COG4455Protein of avirulence locus involved in temperature-dependent protein secretion
COG4469Competence protein
COG4492ACT domain-containing protein
COG4533ABC-type uncharacterized transport system, periplasmic component
COG4540Phage P2 baseplate assembly protein gpV
COG4551Predicted protein tyrosine phosphatase
COG4552Predicted acetyltransferase involved in intracellular survival and related acetyltransferases
COG4572Putative cation transport regulator
COG4574Serine protease inhibitor ecotin
COG4586ABC-type uncharacterized transport system, ATPase component
COG4587ABC-type uncharacterized transport system, permease component
COG4588Accessory colonization factor AcfC, contains ABC-type periplasmic domain
COG4589Predicted CDP-diglyceride synthetase/phosphatidate cytidylyltransferase
COG4590ABC-type uncharacterized transport system, permease component
COG4603ABC-type uncharacterized transport system, permease component
COG4618ABC-type protease/lipase transport system, ATPase and permease components
COG4619ABC-type uncharacterized transport system, ATPase component
COG4624Iron only hydrogenase large subunit, C-terminal domain
COG4626Phage terminase-like protein, large subunit
COG4637Predicted ATPase
COG4638Phenylpropionate dioxygenase and related ring-hydroxylating dioxygenases, large terminal subunit
COG4639Predicted kinase
COG4653Predicted phage phi-C31 gp36 major capsid-like protein
COG4666TRAP-type uncharacterized transport system, fused permease components
COG4667Predicted esterase of the alpha-beta hydrolase superfamily
COG4671Predicted glycosyl transferase
COG4674Uncharacterized ABC-type transport system, ATPase component
COG4691Plasmid stability protein
COG4710Predicted DNA-binding protein with an HTH domain
COG4734Antirestriction protein
COG4740Predicted metalloprotease
COG4747ACT domain-containing protein
COG4756Predicted cation transporter
COG4757Predicted alpha/beta hydrolase
COG4768Uncharacterized protein containing a divergent version of the methyl-accepting chemotaxis-like domain
COG4783Putative Zn-dependent protease, contains TPR repeats
COG4784Putative Zn-dependent protease
COG4785Lipoprotein NlpI, contains TPR repeats
COG4797Predicted regulatory domain of a methyltransferase
COG4798Predicted methyltransferase
COG4801Predicted acyltransferase
COG4814Uncharacterized protein with an alpha/beta hydrolase fold
COG4821Uncharacterized protein containing SIS (Sugar ISomerase) phosphosugar binding domain
COG4824Phage-related holin (Lysis protein)
COG4827Predicted transporter
COG4851Protein involved in sex pheromone biosynthesis
COG4857Predicted kinase
COG4867Uncharacterized protein with a von Willebrand factor type A (vWA) domain
COG4880Secreted protein containing C-terminal beta-propeller domain distantly related to WD-40 repeats
COG4882Predicted aminopeptidase, Iap family
COG4887Uncharacterized metal-binding protein conserved in archaea
COG4888Uncharacterized Zn ribbon-containing protein
COG4889Predicted helicase
COG4892Predicted heme/steroid binding protein
COG4900Predicted metallopeptidase
COG4908Uncharacterized protein containing a NRPS condensation (elongation) domain
COG4914Predicted nucleotidyltransferase
COG49155-bromo-4-chloroindolyl phosphate hydrolysis protein
COG4927Predicted choloylglycine hydrolase
COG4928Predicted P-loop ATPase
COG4948L-alanine-DL-glutamate epimerase and related enzymes of enolase superfamily
COG4956Integral membrane protein (PIN domain superfamily)
COG4976Predicted methyltransferase (contains TPR repeat)
COG4980Gas vesicle protein
COG4989Predicted oxidoreductase
COG4996Predicted phosphatase
COG5003Mu-like prophage protein gp37
COG5004P2-like prophage tail protein X
COG5005Mu-like prophage protein gpG
COG5006Predicted permease, DMT superfamily
COG5012Predicted cobalamin binding protein
COG5014Predicted Fe-S oxidoreductase
COG5018Inhibitor of the KinA pathway to sporulation, predicted exonuclease
COG5038Ca2+-dependent lipid-binding protein, contains C2 domain
COG5048FOG: Zn-finger
COG5063CCCH-type Zn-finger protein
COG5083Uncharacterized protein involved in plasmid maintenance
COG5084Cleavage and polyadenylation specificity factor (CPSF) Clipper subunit and related makorin family Zn-finger proteins
COG5088Rad5p-binding protein
COG5091Suppressor of G2 allele of skp1 and related proteins
COG5109Uncharacterized conserved protein, contains RING Zn-finger
COG5112U1-like Zn-finger-containing protein
COG5119Uncharacterized protein, contains ParB-like nuclease domain
COG5124Protein predicted to be involved in meiotic recombination
COG5126Ca2+-binding protein (EF-Hand superfamily)
COG5129Nuclear protein with HMG-like acidic region
COG5141PHD zinc finger-containing protein
COG5152Uncharacterized conserved protein, contains RING and CCCH-type Zn-fingers
COG5191Uncharacterized conserved protein, contains HAT (Half-A-TPR) repeat
COG5198Protein tyrosine phosphatase-like protein (contains Pro instead of catalytic Arg)
COG5209Uncharacterized protein involved in cell differentiation/sexual development
COG5210GTPase-activating protein
COG5219Uncharacterized conserved protein, contains RING Zn-finger
COG5222Uncharacterized conserved protein, contains RING Zn-finger
COG5236Uncharacterized conserved protein, contains RING Zn-finger
COG5252Uncharacterized conserved protein, contains CCCH-type Zn-finger protein
COG5263FOG: Glucan-binding domain (YG repeat)
COG5271AAA ATPase containing von Willebrand factor type A (vWA) domain
COG5273Uncharacterized protein containing DHHC-type Zn finger
COG5275BRCT domain type II
COG5301Phage-related tail fibre protein
COG5302Post-segregation antitoxin (ccd killing mechanism protein) encoded by the F plasmid
COG5307SEC7 domain proteins
COG5322Predicted dehydrogenase
COG5342Invasion protein B, involved in pathogenesis
COG5350Predicted protein tyrosine phosphatase
COG5354Uncharacterized protein, contains Trp-Asp (WD) repeat
COG5362Phage-related terminase
COG5366Protein involved in propagation of M2 dsRNA satellite of L-A virus
COG5378Predicted nucleotide-binding protein
COG5391Phox homology (PX) domain protein
COG5401Spore germination protein
COG5415Predicted integral membrane metal-binding protein
COG5485Predicted ester cyclase
COG5496Predicted thioesterase
COG5511Bacteriophage capsid protein
COG5512Zn-ribbon-containing, possibly RNA-binding protein and truncated derivatives
COG5516Conserved protein containing a Zn-ribbon-like motif, possibly RNA-binding
COG5518Bacteriophage capsid portal protein
COG5525Bacteriophage tail assembly protein
COG5529Pyocin large subunit
COG5544Predicted periplasmic lipoprotein
COG5545Predicted P-loop ATPase and inactivated derivatives
COG5553Predicted metal-dependent enzyme of the double-stranded beta helix superfamily
COG5562Phage envelope protein
COG5564Predicted TIM-barrel enzyme, possibly a dioxygenase
COG5565Bacteriophage terminase large (ATPase) subunit and inactivated derivatives
COG5573Predicted nucleic-acid-binding protein, contains PIN domain
COG5595Zn-ribbon-containing, possibly nucleic-acid-binding protein
COG5610Predicted hydrolase (HAD superfamily)
COG5611Predicted nucleic-acid-binding protein, contains PIN domain
COG5614Bacteriophage head-tail adaptor
COG5618Predicted periplasmic lipoprotein
COG5621Predicted secreted hydrolase
COG5628Predicted acetyltransferase
COG5633Predicted periplasmic lipoprotein
COG5643Protein containing a metal-binding domain shared with formylmethanofuran dehydrogenase subunit E
COG5645Predicted periplasmic lipoprotein

Parent Functions

35633Poorly characterized