cell wall

The rigid or semi-rigid envelope lying outside the cell membrane of plant, fungal, and most prokaryotic cells, maintaining their shape and protecting them from osmotic lysis. In plants it is made of cellulose and, often, lignin; in fungi it is composed largely of polysaccharides; in bacteria it is composed of peptidoglycan.
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tRNA nucleotidyltransferase (EC (EC
ESX-1 secreted protein regulator EspR
6 kDa early secretory antigenic target ESAT-6 (EsxA)
10 kDa culture filtrate antigen CFP-10 (EsxB)
Probable forkhead-associated protein
monooxygenase, flavin-binding family
Polyketide synthase
Antigen 85-C precursor (85C) (Antigen 85 complex C) (Ag85C) (Mycolyl transferase 85C) (EC 2.3.1.-)
Long-chain fatty-acid-AMP ligase, Mycobacterial subgroup FadD32
Probable polyketide synthase, similar to many. e.g. gp|M63676|SERERYAA_1 S.erythraea first ORF of eryA gene, involved in complex polyketide formation in erythromycin biosynthesis.