growth of symbiont in host

The increase in size or mass of an organism, occurring within the cells or tissues of the host organism. This may (but not necessarily) include a filamentous growth form, and also can include secretion of proteases and lipases to break down host tissue. The host is defined as the larger of the organisms involved in a symbiotic interaction.
GO Category: 
Total items in this category:  
Putative ESX-1 secretion system component Rv3877
FtsK/SpoIIIE family protein Rv3871, component of ESX-1 secretion system
FtsK/SpoIIIE family protein Rv3870, component of ESX-1 secretion system
AAA family ATPase, ESX-1 secretion system component Rv3868
19 kDa lipoprotein antigen precursor LpqH
2-hydroxy-6-oxo-6-phenylhexa-2,4-dienoate hydrolase (EC 3.7.1.-)
Putative CoA-transferase subunit beta Rv3552/MT3656 (EC 2.8.3.-)
Putative CoA-transferase subunit alpha Rv3551/MT3655 (EC 2.8.3.-)