P9WNV3 ligD, Rv0938, MTCY08D9.01c, MTCY10D7.36c

Title id ORF names Protein names PubMed ID Short Synonyms EnsemblBacteria
ATP-dependent DNA ligase (EC clustered with Ku protein, LigD
MTCY08D9.01c, MTCY10D7.36c Multifunctional non-homologous end joining DNA repair protein LigD (NHEJ DNA repair protein D) (Mt-Lig) (NHEJ DNA polymerase) [Includes: DNA repair polymerase (Pol) (Polymerase 9634230, 12215643, 14985346, 15499016, 16023671, 15778718, 16949369, 21637345, 16476729, 17174332, 17947582, 21255731, 24239356 ligD ligD, Rv0938, MTCY08D9.01c, MTCY10D7.36c
Binding Site
52 52 Substrate, for polymerase activity., 111 111 Substrate, for polymerase activity., 230 230 Substrate, for polymerase activity., 236 236 Substrate, for polymerase activity., 244 244 Substrate, for polymerase activity.
Domain InterPro Pfam ProDom Region Similarity SUPFAM
The N-terminal Mn(2+)-dependent polymerase/primase domain (Pol) functions as an independent domain, binds DNA, is sufficient for DNA-directed and non-DNA-directed DNA synthesis (PubMed:15778718) and interacts with Ku (PubMed:16023671).; The central 3'-phosphoesterase domain (PE) has exonuclease activity probably constituted of 3'-ribonuclease and 3'-phosphatase activity (PubMed:15499016). It does not function as an independent domain (PubMed:16023671).; The C-terminal ligase domain (Lig) binds dsDNA and functions as an independent domain (PubMed:14985346, PubMed:16023671). PF04679, PF01068, PF01896, PF13298 In the N-terminal section, belongs to the LigD polymerase family., In the central section, belongs to the LigD 3'-phosphoesterase family., In the C-terminal section, belongs to the ATP-dependent DNA ligase family. SSF50249
Gene3D HAMAP PANTHER Pfam PIRSF PRINTS ProDom PROSITE SMART SUPFAM, PF04679, PF01068, PF01896, PF13298 PS50160 SSF50249
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