P9WQJ9 irtA, Rv1348, MTCY02B10.12

Title id ORF names Protein names PubMed ID Short Synonyms EnsemblBacteria
ABC transporter ATP-binding protein
MTCY02B10.12 Iron import ATP-binding 9634230, 12065475, 16385031, 18461140, 19948799 irtA irtA, Rv1348, MTCY02B10.12
Subcellular location Transmembrane
Cell membrane, Multi-pass membrane protein. 293 313 Helical, (Potential)., 335 355 Helical, (Potential)., 409 429 Helical, (Potential)., 433 453 Helical, (Potential)., 520 540 Helical, (Potential)., 549 569 Helical, (Potential).
Domain Domain Extent InterPro Pfam ProDom Region Similarity SUPFAM
In IrtA the ATP-binding domain (NBD) and the transmembrane domain (TMD) are fused.; The FAD-binding domain could function as a flavin/ferric reductase necessary to release iron from the siderophore complex, making it available for utilization. DOMAIN 15 122 FAD-binding FR-type., DOMAIN 293 575 ABC transmembrane type-1., DOMAIN 610 843 ABC transporter. PF00664, PF00005, PF08021, PF04954 Belongs to the ABC transporter superfamily. Siderophore-Fe(3+) uptake transporter (SIUT) (TC 3.A.1.21) family., Contains 1 ABC transmembrane type-1 domain., Contains 1 ABC transporter domain., Contains 1 FAD-binding FR-type domain. SSF52540, SSF63380, SSF90123
Gene3D HAMAP PANTHER Pfam PIRSF PRINTS ProDom PROSITE SMART SUPFAM, PF00664, PF00005, PF08021, PF04954 PS50929, PS00211, PS50893, PS51384 SM00382, SSF52540, SSF63380, SSF90123
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