Regulatory Modules

Displaying 51 - 60 of 170Desulfovibrio vulgaris Hildenborough
Title Motif 1 Motif 2 Residual Bicluster Genes Selected GO Terms
bicluster_0098 210 19000 0.39 DVU0280, DVU0281, DVU0669, DVU0817, DVU0954, DVU1688, DVU1690, DVU1793, DVU1796, DVU2373, DVU2569, DVUA0074, DVU1798, DVU1809, DVU1931 cell envelope organization, Gram-negative-bacterium-type cell outer ..., membrane biogenesis, single-organism membrane organization, membrane organization
bicluster_0100 3 530 0.43 DVU1476, DVU1517, DVU1518, DVU1738, DVU1972, DVU2008, DVU2074, DVU2134, DVU2189, DVU2190, DVU2632, DVU2685, DVU0543, DVU1161, DVU1482, DVU1779, DVU1872, DVU1998, DVU2213, DVU3314 chemotaxis, taxis, sequence-specific DNA binding, DNA binding, nucleic acid binding
bicluster_0101 4500 5600 0.33 DVU1106, DVU1115, DVU1123, DVU1124, DVU1125, DVU1130, DVU1132, DVU1133, DVU1137, DVU1138, DVU1140 DNA binding, nucleic acid binding
bicluster_0102 19 130 0.35 DVU0675, DVU1052, DVU1059, DVU1234, DVU1815, DVU2072, DVU2084, DVU2094, DVU2599, DVU2781, DVU0610, DVU1735, DVU1757, DVU2077, DVU3152 cellular respiration, energy derivation by oxidation of organi..., carbon-carbon lyase activity
bicluster_0104 140 930 0.33 DVU0241, DVU0811, DVU1430, DVU1468, DVU1976, DVU1977, DVU2078, DVU2079, DVU2310, DVU2441, DVU2442, DVU2643 chemotaxis, taxis, ion binding, ATP binding, adenyl ribonucleotide binding
bicluster_0110 0.0031 66 0.48 DVU0298, DVU0421, DVU0866, DVU0955, DVU1554, DVU1644, DVU1645, DVU2282, DVU2548, DVU2662, DVU3079, DVU3135, DVU3136, DVU0727, DVU0728, DVU0756, DVU0801, DVU0985, DVU1013, DVU1151, DVU1628, DVU2309, DVU2362, DVU2439, DVU3316 organonitrogen compound biosynthetic pro..., single-organism biosynthetic process, magnesium ion binding
bicluster_0111 0.00074 17 0.39 DVU1519, DVU1520, DVU1521, DVU2000, DVU2006, DVU2007, DVU2105, DVU2106, DVU2174, DVU2177, DVU2709, DVU2837, DVU2838, DVUA0019, DVUA0020, DVU2840 nuclease activity
bicluster_0114 140 7900 0.32 DVU0242, DVU0420, DVU1337, DVU2494, DVU2495, DVU2977, DVU2978, DVU0241, DVU1430, DVU2441, DVU2442
bicluster_0117 7.2 130 0.49 DVU0110, DVU0156, DVU0326, DVU1376, DVU1461, DVU1462, DVU1463, DVU1464, DVU1544, DVU1883, DVU2140, DVU2932, DVU3009, DVU3216, DVU0007, DVU0413, DVU0612, DVU0760, DVU2329, DVU2338, DVU2491, DVU2765, DVU2766, DVU2767, DVU3067, DVU3172 protein complex assembly, cytochrome complex assembly, cellular macromolecular complex assembly, cellular protein complex assembly, macromolecular complex subunit organizat...
bicluster_0118 15000 38000 0.45 DVU1098, DVU1110, DVU1703, DVU1753, DVU1755, DVU2132, DVU2133, DVU2207, DVU0609, DVU1356, DVU1598, DVU1702, DVU1871, DVU2196, DVU2270, DVU2808