Explore network modules for Bacillus subtilis

Use residual and motif e-value sliders to filter modules

Residual: 0-0.3 Motif e-value 0-10
This is the section to display the module list


BSU00230 bofA BSU00330 yabA BSU00370 abrB BSU00470 purR BSU00560 spoVT BSU00700 coaX BSU00800 yazB BSU00830 ctsR BSU00980 sigH BSU01010 nusG BSU01070 rpoB BSU01080 rpoC BSU01430 rpoA BSU01640 ybbB BSU01690 ybbH BSU01730 sigW BSU01740 rsiW BSU01810 adaA BSU02000 ybdJ BSU02070 csgA BSU02160 ybfA BSU02220 ybfI BSU02320 ybfP BSU02370 ybgA BSU02500 ycbG BSU02550 ycbL BSU02680 lmrA BSU02890 yceC BSU02970 yceK BSU03080 ycgE BSU03170 ycgK BSU03470 hxlR BSU03560 ycxD BSU03620 yclA BSU03750 yclJ BSU03850 ycnC BSU03880 yczG BSU03890 gabR BSU03960 ycnK BSU04060 ycsG BSU04100 kipR BSU04160 mtlR BSU04250 lrpC BSU04460 dctR BSU04650 endB BSU04680 rsbS BSU04730 sigB BSU04770 ydcH BSU04820 immR BSU05050 lrpA BSU05060 lrpB BSU05120 cspC BSU05130 ydeB BSU05150 ydeC BSU05170 ydeE BSU05180 ydeF BSU05240 ydeL BSU05270 ydzF BSU05290 ydeP BSU05320 ydeS BSU05330 aseR BSU05370 ydfD BSU05390 ydfF BSU05420 ydfI BSU05460 ydfL BSU05580 ydgC BSU05640 ydgG BSU05670 ydgJ BSU05700 ydhC BSU05850 gmuR BSU05970 ydiH BSU06140 gutR BSU06540 yezC BSU06580 yerC BSU06700 yerO BSU06860 yezE BSU06960 yesN BSU07010 yesS BSU07220 yetL BSU07390 yfmP BSU07590 citT BSU07820 treR BSU08100 acoR BSU08190 malR BSU08250 yfiF BSU08300 yfiK BSU08340 padR BSU08370 yfiR BSU08410 yfiV BSU08520 recX BSU08730 perR BSU08990 yhbI BSU09060 yhcF BSU09270 glpP BSU09330 yhcZ BSU09380 nsrR BSU09430 citR BSU09480 yhdI BSU09500 yhdK BSU09510 yhdL BSU09520 sigM BSU09560 cueR BSU09650 yhdZ BSU09690 nhaX BSU09830 yhaX BSU09990 hpr BSU10150 yhgD BSU10420 comK BSU10510 yhjH BSU10560 yhjM BSU10830 yisR BSU10840 degA BSU10860 yisT BSU10880 yisV BSU11300 med BSU11500 spxA BSU11650 tenA BSU11660 tenI BSU11930 yjcO BSU12000 manR BSU12370 exuR BSU12510 xre BSU12560 xpf BSU13150 ohrR BSU13210 thiX BSU13310 tnrA BSU13340 ykoM BSU13450 sigI BSU13670 mhqR BSU13760 ykvN BSU13870 ykvZ BSU13880 glcT BSU14140 ccpC BSU14240 rok BSU14380 fruR BSU14480 abh BSU14730 ylaC BSU14740 ylaD BSU14990 ylbF BSU15320 sigE BSU15330 sigG BSU15470 pyrR BSU15640 yloA BSU15690 rpoZ BSU15880 ylpC BSU15970 ylxM BSU16170 codY BSU16470 sigD BSU16600 nusA BSU16810 ymfC BSU16900 ymfK BSU17080 pksA BSU17450 glnR BSU17590 xylR BSU17850 lexA BSU18420 ftsR BSU18460 gltC BSU18740 yozG BSU18760 yoaU BSU18850 yobD BSU19030 yobO BSU19050 yobQ BSU19070 yobS BSU19090 yobU BSU19100 yobV BSU19120 czrA BSU19200 desR BSU19540 yodB BSU20010 yosT BSU20780 yopS BSU20820 yopO BSU21020 yonR BSU21700 ypoP BSU21780 yplP BSU22120 kdgR BSU23090 rsiX BSU23100 sigX BSU23120 resD BSU23210 spcB BSU23450 sigF BSU23520 fur BSU23590 ansR BSU24020 bmrR BSU24100 bkdR BSU24220 spo0A BSU24250 ahrC BSU24320 nusB BSU24520 mntR BSU24610 sinR BSU24770 mgsR BSU25100 zur BSU25200 sigA BSU25250 ccpN BSU25490 hrcA BSU25760 spoIVCB BSU25810 arsR BSU26220 yqaQ BSU26320 yqaG BSU26340 yqaF BSU26390 spoIIIC BSU26430 yrkP BSU26580 bltR BSU26630 yrdQ BSU26670 gltR BSU26720 azlB BSU26730 yrdF BSU26840 sigZ BSU26870 yraN BSU27000 yraB BSU27080 levR BSU27110 yrhO BSU27120 sigV BSU27170 bscR BSU27320 greA BSU27520 cymR BSU28400 ysmB BSU28410 gerE BSU28550 fadR BSU28820 ysdC BSU29000 nrdR BSU29030 ytcD BSU29110 phoP BSU29270 ytoI BSU29400 ytlI BSU29630 yttP BSU29690 acuA BSU29700 acuB BSU29740 ccpA BSU30020 ytzE BSU30150 ytdP BSU30260 msmR BSU30460 ytrA BSU31070 yuaC BSU31210 yulB BSU31410 yugG BSU31530 yufM BSU31680 comA BSU32140 paiB BSU32420 pucR BSU32560 frlR BSU32870 yusO BSU32920 yusT BSU33010 cssR BSU33030 yuxN BSU33080 liaR BSU33221 BSU33230 sigO BSU33580 yvaF BSU33650 yvzC BSU33660 rghRA BSU33670 rghRB BSU33680 yvaP BSU33740 yvaV BSU33790 sdpR BSU33840 yvbF BSU33950 cggR BSU33970 araR BSU33990 yvbU BSU34060 yvfU BSU34170 ganR BSU34180 yvfI BSU34200 sigL BSU34220 epsO BSU34380 slrR BSU34480 yvdT BSU34630 mdxR BSU35030 yvoA BSU35050 yvnA BSU35080 yvmB BSU35110 yvlC BSU35200 yvkB BSU35430 flgM BSU35490 degU BSU35520 yvhJ BSU35650 lytR BSU35840 ywtF BSU35910 rbsR BSU36020 alsR BSU36110 ywrC BSU36160 ywqM BSU36300 glcR BSU36420 spoIIID BSU36440 ywoH BSU36600 mta BSU36630 ywnA BSU37080 rho BSU37160 rpoE BSU37290 arfM BSU37310 fnr BSU37550 ywhA BSU37580 ywgB BSU37620 rsfA BSU37650 cysL BSU38070 sacT BSU38220 ywcC BSU38310 ywbI BSU38420 sacY BSU38450 ywaE BSU38600 licR BSU38700 sigY BSU38880 yxjO BSU38910 yxjL BSU39430 deoR BSU39770 iolR BSU39850 yxbF BSU39990 yxaF BSU40010 yxaD BSU40050 gntR BSU40130 yydK BSU40350 rocR BSU40410 walR BSU40540 yybR BSU40670 yybE BSU40710 yybA BSU40800 yyaN BSU40870 ccpB BSU40960 parB BSU40970 parA BSU40990 noc
Network Exploration Help

This page gives you overview of the network modules for a particular organism. You can explore these modules by using various filters.

Currently we support two filters, Residual and Motif e-values. Network modules are loaded with default residual and motif e-value filters. In order to change filters, simply move the slider to select the desired range. Results table will automatically update to reflect your filter selections. If you would like to remove filters, click on "Reset Filters" button.

Network Table

Network table will show the following columns for each module.

Module: Number of the module for the given version of the network.

Residual: is a measure of bicluster quality. Mean bicluster residual is smaller when the expression profile of the genes in the module is "tighter". So smaller residuals are usually indicative of better bicluster quality.

Expression Profile: is a preview of the expression profiles of all the genes under subset of conditions included in the module. Tighter expression profiles are usually indicative of better bicluster quality.

Motif e-value: cMonkey tries to identify two motifs per modules in the upstream sequences of the module member genes. Motif e-value is an indicative of the motif co-occurences between the members of the module.Smaller e-values are indicative of significant sequence motifs. Our experience showed that e-values smaller than 10 are generally indicative of significant motifs.

Genes: Number of genes included in the module.

Functions: We identify functional enrichment of each module by camparing to different functional categories such as KEGG, COG, GO etc. by using hypergeometric function. If the module is significantly enriched for any of the functions, this column will list few of the these functions as an overview. Full list of functions is available upon visiting the module page under the Functions tab.


Inferelator algorithm identifies most probable regulatory influences for each module. These influences can be transcription factors or environmental factors. Influences section lists all the regulators that have influences on modules. Click on the regulator name If you would like to access which modules are regulated by these regulators.