PHATRDRAFT_4761 xpmc2 prevents mitotic catastrophe 2 homolog (REX4_like)
Phaeodactylum tricornutum

Chromosome Product Transcript Start End Strand Short Name
PHATRDRAFT_4761 chr_1 xpmc2 prevents mitotic catastrophe 2 homolog (REX4_like) 625340 625828 -
NCBI ID Ensembl Genomes exon ID
Not available Not available
Expression Profile Conditional Changes Cluster Dendrogram
Normalized Mean Residue
Name CD Accession Definition Superfamily Bitscore E-Value From - To Hit Type PSSM ID
REX4_like DEDDh 3'-5' exonuclease domain of RNA exonuclease 4, XPMC2, Interferon Stimulated... cl10012 225.858 8.25E-76 1 - 155 specific 99847
DnaQ_like_exo superfamily DnaQ-like (or DEDD) 3'-5' exonuclease domain superfamily; The DnaQ-like... - 225.858 8.25E-76 1 - 155 superfamily 263941
T. pseudonana P. tricornutum P. tricornutum DiatomCyc F. cylindrus Pseudo-nitzschia multiseries E. huxleyi C. reinhardtii A. thaliana P. sojae
Not available Not available 270059 140622 235048 Not available AT3G15080.1 Not available
KEGG description KEGG Pathway
Not available Not available
Not available -
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