mitochondrial transport

id: GO:0006839
name: mitochondrial transport
namespace: biological_process
type: go
obsolete: False

Description: Transport of substances into, out of or within a mitochondrion.

Child Functions

GO:0000066mitochondrial ornithine transport
GO:0006127glycerophosphate shuttle
GO:0006626protein targeting to mitochondrion
GO:0006843mitochondrial citrate transport
GO:0006850mitochondrial pyruvate transport
GO:0006851mitochondrial calcium ion transport
GO:0006853carnitine shuttle
GO:0019090mitochondrial rRNA export from mitochondrion
GO:0035927RNA import into mitochondrion
GO:0042776mitochondrial ATP synthesis coupled proton transport
GO:0043490malate-aspartate shuttle
GO:0045016mitochondrial magnesium ion transport
GO:0048250mitochondrial iron ion transport
GO:0090374oligopeptide export from mitochondrion

Parent Functions

GO:0046907intracellular transport