virus-host interaction

id: GO:0019048
name: virus-host interaction
namespace: biological_process
type: go
obsolete: False

Description: Interactions, directly with the host cell macromolecular machinery, to allow virus replication.

Child Functions

GO:0006948induction by virus of host cell-cell fusion
GO:0019049evasion of host defenses by virus
GO:0019054modulation by virus of host cellular process
GO:0019087transformation of host cell by virus
GO:0039506modulation by virus of host molecular function
GO:0046719regulation of viral protein levels in host cell
GO:0046730induction of host immune response by virus
GO:0046739spread of virus in host
GO:0046784intronless viral mRNA export from host nucleus
GO:0046794virion transport
GO:0046796viral genome transport in host cell
GO:0060139positive regulation of apoptosis by virus

Parent Functions

GO:0022415viral reproductive process
GO:0051701interaction with host