viral reproductive process

id: GO:0022415
name: viral reproductive process
namespace: biological_process
type: go
obsolete: False

Description: A reproductive process involved in viral reproduction. Usually, this is by infection of a host cell, replication of the viral genome, and assembly of progeny virus particles. In some cases the viral genetic material may integrate into the host genome and only subsequently, under particular circumstances, 'complete' its life cycle.

Child Functions

GO:0019042latent virus infection
GO:0019043establishment of viral latency
GO:0019044latent virus maintenance
GO:0019045latent virus replication
GO:0019046reactivation of latent virus
GO:0019047provirus integration
GO:0019048virus-host interaction
GO:0019058viral infectious cycle
GO:0019059initiation of viral infection
GO:0019060intracellular transport of viral proteins in host cell
GO:0019061uncoating of virus
GO:0019062virion attachment to host cell surface receptor
GO:0019063virion penetration into host cell
GO:0019066translocation of virus into host cell
GO:0019067viral assembly, maturation, egress, and release
GO:0019068virion assembly
GO:0019069viral capsid assembly
GO:0019070viral genome maturation
GO:0019071viral DNA cleavage
GO:0019072viral genome packaging
GO:0019075virus maturation
GO:0019076release of virus from host
GO:0019079viral genome replication
GO:0019080viral genome expression
GO:0019089transmission of virus
GO:0032359provirus excision
GO:0032360provirus maintenance
GO:0046744viral capsid envelopment
GO:0046745viral capsid re-envelopment
GO:0046752viral capsid precursor localization in host cell nucleus
GO:0046786viral replication complex formation and maintenance
GO:0046788egress of virus within host cell
GO:0046797viral procapsid maturation
GO:0046799recruitment of helicase-primase complex to DNA lesions
GO:0046807viral scaffold assembly and maintenance
GO:0046813virion attachment, binding of host cell surface receptor
GO:0046814virion attachment, binding of host cell surface coreceptor
GO:0046815genome retention in viral capsid

Parent Functions

GO:0022414reproductive process