Rv2922c Chromosome partition protein smc

Symbol Product Feature Type Start End Strand Length AA Length is TF
Rv2922c smc Chromosome partition protein smc CDS 3234189 3237806 - 3 618 1 205 FALSE

Rv2922c (Chromosome partition protein smc) is predicted to be co-regulated in modules bicluster_0123 with residual 0.55 and bicluster_0252 with residual 0.55.

This regulation is possibly mediated by two de-novo identified cis-regulatory motifs in each module with e-values , 2.70 and 4,200.00 for bicluster_0123 and 930.00 and 3,100.00 for bicluster_0252 respectively.

These modules are enriched for following go terms: small molecule biosynthetic process, single-organism biosynthetic process, fatty acid biosynthetic process, carboxylic acid metabolic process, fatty acid synthase activity regulation of cell shape, regulation of anatomical structure morph..., regulation of cell morphogenesis, regulation of developmental process, cell morphogenesis, anatomical structure morphogenesis, developmental process, cellular component morphogenesis, single-organism developmental process, anatomical structure development, cellular developmental process, regulation of cellular component organiz..., cellular component organization.

This gene is found to be for growth on cholesterol.

Mutant available?: Yes

Last update: 10/16/2017 - 14:41
BEI Mutant Available BEI Mutant ID BEI MT Number BEI Target ID Order from BEI
Yes NR-13499 MT2990 88