O65934 Rv1747

Title id ORF names Protein names PubMed ID Short Synonyms EnsemblBacteria
Probable conserved transmembrane ATP-binding protein ABC transporter
ABC transporter ATP-binding 9634230, 15135525, 16040957, 15987910, 21622570 Rv1747 CCP44513,
Subcellular location Transmembrane
Cell membrane, Multi-pass membrane protein (Potential). 614 634 Helical, (Potential)., 652 672 Helical, (Potential)., 700 720 Helical, (Potential)., 740 760 Helical, (Potential)., 767 787 Helical, (Potential)., 836 856 Helical, (Potential).
Domain Domain Extent InterPro Pfam ProDom Region Similarity SUPFAM
In Rv1747 the ATP-binding domain (NBD) and the transmembrane domain (TMD) are fused. The two FHA domains are required for phosphorylation by PknF. DOMAIN 29 78 FHA 1., DOMAIN 230 279 FHA 2., DOMAIN 319 552 ABC transporter., DOMAIN 596 810 ABC transmembrane type-2. PF01061, PF00005, PF00498 In the central section, belongs to the ABC transporter superfamily., In the C-terminal section, belongs to the ABC-2 integral membrane protein family., Contains 1 ABC transmembrane type-2 domain., Contains 1 ABC transporter domain., Contains 2 FHA domains. SSF49879, SSF52540
Gene3D HAMAP PANTHER Pfam PIRSF PRINTS ProDom PROSITE SMART SUPFAM,, PF01061, PF00005, PF00498 PS00211, PS50893, PS50006 SM00382, SM00240, SSF49879, SSF52540
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EC number KEGG KO UniPathway
HOG000045238, MGSLSMS, EOG65J54C,