P9WNA3 ftsK, Rv2748c, MTV002.13c

Title id ORF names Protein names PubMed ID Short Synonyms EnsemblBacteria
Cell division protein FtsK
MTV002.13c DNA translocase FtsK 9634230, 19099550 ftsK ftsK, Rv2748c, MTV002.13c
Subcellular location Transmembrane
Cell membrane, Multi-pass membrane protein (By similarity). Note=Located at the septum (By similarity). 98 118 Helical, (Potential)., 132 152 Helical, (Potential)., 164 184 Helical, (Potential)., 214 234 Helical, (Potential).
Domain Domain Extent InterPro Pfam ProDom Region Similarity SUPFAM
Consists of an N-terminal domain, which is sufficient for the localization to the septal ring and is required for cell division, followed by a linker domain, and a C-terminal domain, which forms the translocation motor involved in chromosome segregation. The C-terminal domain can be further subdivided into alpha, beta and gamma subdomains. The alpha and beta subdomains form the DNA pump, and the gamma subdomain is a regulatory subdomain (By similarity). DOMAIN 476 676 FtsK. PF13491, PF09397, PF01580 Belongs to the FtsK/SpoIIIE/SftA family., Contains 1 FtsK domain. SSF52540
Gene3D HAMAP PANTHER Pfam PIRSF PRINTS ProDom PROSITE SMART SUPFAM, PF13491, PF09397, PF01580 PS50901 SM00382, SM00843, SSF52540
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