Rv1607 Calcium/proton antiporter

Symbol Product Feature Type Start End Strand Length AA Length is TF
Rv1607 chaA Calcium/proton antiporter CDS 1806181 1807263 + 1 083 360 FALSE

Rv1607 (Calcium/proton antiporter) is predicted to be co-regulated in modules bicluster_0292 with residual 0.50 and bicluster_0456 with residual 0.56.

This regulation is possibly mediated by two de-novo identified cis-regulatory motifs in each module with e-values , 0.00 and 0.03 for bicluster_0292 and 190.00 and 9,400.00 for bicluster_0456 respectively.

These modules are enriched for following go terms: .

This gene is found to be for growth on cholesterol.

Mutant available?:

Product (LegacyBRC) Product (RefSeq)
Probable ionic transporter integral membrane protein chaA ionic transporter integral membrane protein chaA
Operon # Operon
PATRIC Locus Tag Enzyme Name PATRIC Pathways Transcriptomics


Not assigned Not assigned