Exponential to stationary phase

Metabolic reprogramming with the induction of toxin production of Clostridioides difficile during the stationary phase

Series: GSE115054 Pubmed ID: Type: Expression profiling by array

Overall Design:Clostridioides difficile 630∆erm (DSM28645) were grown in a casamino acids medium (CDMM) containing 2 g/L glucose. Samples were taken at five time points along the growth curve (exponential growth: 14.5 h of cultivation, transient phase: 17.25 h, stationary phase 1: 19.25 h, stationary phase 2: 24.25 h, stationary phase 3: 29.25 h). The cultivation was performed with four biological replicates. Reference in transcriptomic acid proteomic measurement was the exponential phase samples.

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1st Quintile: Exponential to stationary phase
5th Quintile: In vivo vs. In vitro