Gene annotations were collated from multiple sources;

Gene essentiality is based on TnSeq Data from: Dembek M, Barquist L, Boinett CJ, et al. High-throughput analysis of gene essentiality and sporulation in Clostridium difficile. mBio. 2015;6(2):e02383. Published 2015 Feb 24.doi:10.1128/mBio.02383-14

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e.g CD630_20320
Title Short Name Product Essentiality(TnSeq) Essentiality(in vivo) Essentiality(Rich Broth) Expression
CD630_00010 dnaA Chromosomal replication initiator protein Bookmark 
CD630_00020 dnaN DNA polymerase III subunit beta Bookmark 
CD630_00030 Putative RNA-binding mediating protein Bookmark 
CD630_00040 recF DNA replication and repair protein RecF Bookmark 
CD630_00050 gyrB DNA gyrase subunit B Bookmark 
CD630_00060 gyrA DNA gyrase subunit A Bookmark 
CD630_00070 Conserved hypothetical protein Bookmark 
CD630_00080 Conserved hypothetical protein Bookmark 
CD630_00090 rsbV Anti-anti-sigma factor Bookmark 
CD630_00100 rsbW Serine-protein kinase RsbW Bookmark