TFOE Searchable Data File

To investigate the MTB transcriptional landscape in a systematic manner, we developed a high-throughput approach to identify the genes controlled by nearly all predicted MTB TFs. We individually cloned and conditionally overexpressed 206 MTB TFs to induce the regulatory signature of each one. Using this approach we identified the sets of genes affected by TF overexpression (TFOE) and assembled them into an easily searchable map of transcriptional regulation in MTB.

Accessing large datasets like the TFOE expression data can be difficult when the data spreads over thousands of genes and hundreds of regulators. To address the difficulties usually associated with accessing large data sets, we have designed a simple Excel spreadsheet for querying TFOE data to find regulators of specific genes or sets of genes. (Rustad et al. Genome Biol. 2014)

Last update: 29/02/2015

TFOE Expression Data Records

Title Gene BioProject GEO Series Platform Accession Sample Method Sample Type References Release Date Repository
transcriptional regulator, ArsR family
PRJNA254351 GSE59086 GPL14824 GSM1426400 Tiling Array RNA 25232098 4-Jul-14 GEO
Transcriptional regulator, TetR family
PRJNA254351 GSE59086 GPL14824 GSM1426414 Tiling Array RNA 25232098 4-Jul-14 GEO