Phaeodactylum tricornutum Transcripts

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Locus Hierarchical Cluster cMonkey module Scaffold
PHATRDRAFT_42758 | (TPR) Phatr_hclust_0170 chr_1
PHATRDRAFT_8772 | 2-epi-5-epi-valiolone synthase (DHQ_Fe-ADH superfamily) Phatr_hclust_0230 Phatr_bicluster_0006 chr_1
PHATRDRAFT_31822 | nadph oxidoreductase (NADB_Rossmann superfamily) Phatr_hclust_0378 Phatr_bicluster_0066 chr_1
PHATRDRAFT_17487 | gamma hydroxybutyrate dehydrogenase-like protein (MmsB) Phatr_hclust_0244 Phatr_bicluster_0102 chr_1
PHATRDRAFT_8993 | peptide methionine sulfoxide reductase (PMSR superfamily) Phatr_hclust_0241 chr_1
PHATRDRAFT_42762 | kinesin light chain (TPR) Phatr_hclust_0383 Phatr_bicluster_0243 chr_1
PHATRDRAFT_6580 | (ATP-synt_10 superfamily) Phatr_hclust_0259 chr_1
PHATRDRAFT_42763 | component of the counting factorcomplex (HP superfamily) Phatr_hclust_0094 chr_1
PHATRDRAFT_6934 | myo-inositol-1-phosphate synthase family protein (NAD_binding_5 superfamily) Phatr_hclust_0480 Phatr_bicluster_0083 chr_1
PHATRDRAFT_9609 | lipophosphoglycan biosynthetic protein (VRG4) Phatr_hclust_0122 Phatr_bicluster_0136 chr_1
PHATRDRAFT_9078 | photosystem ii 11 kd protein (PSII_Pbs27) Phatr_hclust_0341 Phatr_bicluster_0063 chr_1
PHATRDRAFT_31831 | ef hand family protein Phatr_hclust_0409 Phatr_bicluster_0251 chr_1
PHATRDRAFT_8670 | oligopeptidase a (Dcp) Phatr_hclust_0230 Phatr_bicluster_0103 chr_1
PHATRDRAFT_42768 | n-ethylmaleimide-sensitive factor nsf sec18p (AAA) Phatr_hclust_0193 Phatr_bicluster_0123 chr_1
PHATRDRAFT_42770 | (GRIP) Phatr_hclust_0329 chr_1
PHATRDRAFT_17495 | fructose-6-phosphate 2-kinase fructose--biphosphatase (AAA_17 superfamily) Phatr_hclust_0046 Phatr_bicluster_0166 chr_1
PHATRDRAFT_31840 | cg5261-isoform b (lipoyl_domain) Phatr_hclust_0294 chr_1
PHATRDRAFT_31841 | (DUF4602) Phatr_hclust_0246 Phatr_bicluster_0214 chr_1
PHATRDRAFT_7349 | small nucleolar rnp protein (Gar1 superfamily) Phatr_hclust_0243 Phatr_bicluster_0124 chr_1
PHATRDRAFT_8945 | aminotransferase class-iii (BioA) Phatr_hclust_0246 Phatr_bicluster_0069 chr_1
PHATRDRAFT_42774 | nuclear protein set (SET) Phatr_hclust_0146 Phatr_bicluster_0133 chr_1
PHATRDRAFT_17504 | cell division protein (FtsH_fam) Phatr_hclust_0164 Phatr_bicluster_0046 chr_1
PHATRDRAFT_31846 | ac068923_16prolyl 4-alpha subunit (2OG-FeII_Oxy_3 superfamily) Phatr_hclust_0172 Phatr_bicluster_0103 chr_1
PHATRDRAFT_42776 | hiv-1 rev binding protein (ArfGap) Phatr_hclust_0364 chr_1
PHATRDRAFT_1358 | cg1814-isoform c (5_nucleotid superfamily) Phatr_hclust_0081 Phatr_bicluster_0087 chr_1
PHATRDRAFT_42778 | (GLTP superfamily) Phatr_hclust_0045 Phatr_bicluster_0080 chr_1
PHATRDRAFT_42779 | (GLTP superfamily) Phatr_hclust_0301 Phatr_bicluster_0245 chr_1
PHATRDRAFT_9046 | rieske (2fe-2s) region protein (Rieske_2) Phatr_hclust_0111 Phatr_bicluster_0173 chr_1
PHATRDRAFT_53980 | (gelsolin_S1_like) Phatr_hclust_0366 Phatr_bicluster_0193 chr_1
PHATRDRAFT_9171 | protein disulfide isomerase (PDI_a_family) Phatr_hclust_0432 Phatr_bicluster_0100 chr_1
PHATRDRAFT_42788 | (AdoMet_MTases superfamily) Phatr_hclust_0096 Phatr_bicluster_0173 chr_1
PHATRDRAFT_9475 | cell division cycle 27 homolog (TPR) Phatr_hclust_0242 chr_1
PHATRDRAFT_31866 | ribosomal protein l23 (Ribosomal_L23 superfamily) Phatr_hclust_0117 chr_1
PHATRDRAFT_9147 | prolyl 4-hydroxylase alpha-1 subunit precursor-like protein (2OG-FeII_Oxy_3 superfamily) Phatr_hclust_0262 chr_1
PHATRDRAFT_42794 | tesmin tso1-like cxc domain containing protein (TCR) Phatr_hclust_0207 Phatr_bicluster_0035 chr_1
PHATRDRAFT_31870 | phosphohistidine phosphatase 1 (Ocnus superfamily) Phatr_hclust_0153 chr_1
PHATRDRAFT_17519 | 40s ribosomal protein s16 (PLN00210) Phatr_hclust_0146 Phatr_bicluster_0228 chr_1
PHATRDRAFT_17523 | ribonucleoside-diphosphatebeta subunit family protein (RNRR2) Phatr_hclust_0140 Phatr_bicluster_0215 chr_1
PHATRDRAFT_9233 | amino acid transporter (PotE) Phatr_hclust_0448 chr_1
PHATRDRAFT_31877 | (Clp_protease_like superfamily) Phatr_hclust_0398 chr_1
PHATRDRAFT_31878 | response regulator receiver domain protein (NTF2_like superfamily) Phatr_hclust_0043 Phatr_bicluster_0244 chr_1
PHATRDRAFT_31879 | protein phosphatasecatalytic subunit (MPP_PP5_C) Phatr_hclust_0202 Phatr_bicluster_0230 chr_1
PHATRDRAFT_42799 | (RINGv) Phatr_hclust_0407 chr_1
PHATRDRAFT_8691 | (6PGL) Phatr_hclust_0390 Phatr_bicluster_0082 chr_1
PHATRDRAFT_42800 | ankyrin repeat (ANK) Phatr_hclust_0094 chr_1
PHATRDRAFT_17531 | fucoxanthin chlorophyll a c binding protein (Chloroa_b-bind) Phatr_hclust_0111 Phatr_bicluster_0217 chr_1
PHATRDRAFT_8747 | (COG1739) Phatr_hclust_0174 Phatr_bicluster_0220 chr_1
PHATRDRAFT_9246 | hypothetical 317 kda protein-nucleoside-diphosphate sugar epimerase (NADB_Rossmann superfamily) Phatr_hclust_0497 Phatr_bicluster_0231 chr_1
PHATRDRAFT_9601 | capzb_canga f-actin-capping protein subunit beta (F_actin_cap_B superfamily) Phatr_hclust_0389 chr_1
PHATRDRAFT_8859 | rna pseudouridylate synthase domain containing 2 (PseudoU_synth superfamily) Phatr_hclust_0332 Phatr_bicluster_0031 chr_1