Phaeodactylum tricornutum Transcripts

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Locus Hierarchical Cluster cMonkey module Scaffold
PHATRDRAFT_42590 | (SET) Phatr_hclust_0195 Phatr_bicluster_0057 chr_1
PHATRDRAFT_42591 | (CRCB) Phatr_hclust_0411 Phatr_bicluster_0144 chr_1
PHATRDRAFT_42592 | denn madd domain containing 1c (DENN superfamily) Phatr_hclust_0240 chr_1
PHATRDRAFT_42593 | lpxtg-motif cell wall surface anchor family protein (PUB) Phatr_hclust_0262 chr_1
PHATRDRAFT_42595 | phd finger protein 8 (JmjC superfamily) Phatr_hclust_0046 Phatr_bicluster_0223 chr_1
PHATRDRAFT_31617 | translocase inner membrane-like protein (Tim17) Phatr_hclust_0205 Phatr_bicluster_0118 chr_1
PHATRDRAFT_31619 | frne protein (DsbA_FrnE) Phatr_hclust_0094 Phatr_bicluster_0033 chr_1
PHATRDRAFT_974 | ubiquitin-specific protease (Peptidase_C19 superfamily) Phatr_hclust_0411 Phatr_bicluster_0062 chr_1
PHATRDRAFT_17304 | methionine aminopeptidase (PTZ00053) Phatr_hclust_0200 Phatr_bicluster_0098 chr_1
PHATRDRAFT_9283 | nadph-cytochrome p450 oxidoreductase (CysJ) Phatr_hclust_0245 Phatr_bicluster_0083 chr_1
PHATRDRAFT_9653 | ribulose-bisphosphate carboxylase oxygenase n-methyltransferase Phatr_hclust_0330 chr_1
PHATRDRAFT_24439 | mrna-associated protein mrnp41-like (WD40 superfamily) Phatr_hclust_0290 chr_1
PHATRDRAFT_42606 | (SET) Phatr_hclust_0124 Phatr_bicluster_0094 chr_1
PHATRDRAFT_8167 | thioredoxin (TRX_family) Phatr_hclust_0404 Phatr_bicluster_0088 chr_1
PHATRDRAFT_9123 | gcn4-complementing protein homolog (ArfGap superfamily) Phatr_hclust_0192 Phatr_bicluster_0248 chr_1
PHATRDRAFT_42609 | peroxisomal ca-dependent solute carrier (Mito_carr) Phatr_hclust_0208 chr_1
PHATRDRAFT_8835 | chloroplast lycopene beta cyclase precursor (NAD_binding_8 superfamily) Phatr_hclust_0118 Phatr_bicluster_0091 chr_1
PHATRDRAFT_42613 | (ANK) Phatr_hclust_0175 Phatr_bicluster_0076 chr_1
PHATRDRAFT_42614 | (COG5022) Phatr_hclust_0088 Phatr_bicluster_0016 chr_1
PHATRDRAFT_3241 | leucine zipper-ef-hand containing transmembrane protein 1 (LETM1 superfamily) Phatr_hclust_0434 chr_1
PHATRDRAFT_9327 | seca_syny3 preprotein translocase subunit seca (secA) Phatr_hclust_0484 Phatr_bicluster_0137 chr_1
PHATRDRAFT_17324 | ribosomal proteinx-linked (PLN00036) Phatr_hclust_0146 Phatr_bicluster_0228 chr_1
PHATRDRAFT_9199 | cytoplasmic ribosomal protein s13 (PTZ00072) Phatr_hclust_0151 Phatr_bicluster_0098 chr_1
PHATRDRAFT_42619 | gtp cyclohydrolase ii (PRK07198) Phatr_hclust_0084 Phatr_bicluster_0049 chr_1
PHATRDRAFT_17326 | low molecular mass early light-inducible protein hv60 Phatr_hclust_0111 Phatr_bicluster_0217 chr_1
PHATRDRAFT_31649 | low-co2-inducible membrane protein (MtN3_slv superfamily) Phatr_hclust_0081 chr_1
PHATRDRAFT_31650 | (Xan_ur_permease) Phatr_hclust_0123 Phatr_bicluster_0177 chr_1
PHATRDRAFT_41659 | atp-dependent transporter (Uup) Phatr_hclust_0203 Phatr_bicluster_0222 chr_1
PHATRDRAFT_31652 | (TLD) Phatr_hclust_0499 Phatr_bicluster_0170 chr_1
PHATRDRAFT_17332 | band 7 protein (SPFH_paraslipin) Phatr_hclust_0145 Phatr_bicluster_0256 chr_1
PHATRDRAFT_4761 | xpmc2 prevents mitotic catastrophe 2 homolog (REX4_like) Phatr_hclust_0133 Phatr_bicluster_0172 chr_1
PHATRDRAFT_42625 | phospholipase a-2-activating protein (WD40 superfamily) Phatr_hclust_0183 Phatr_bicluster_0042 chr_1
PHATRDRAFT_17335 | aldo keto reductase (Aldo_ket_red) Phatr_hclust_0231 Phatr_bicluster_0211 chr_1
PHATRDRAFT_3851 | (AIM24) Phatr_hclust_0376 Phatr_bicluster_0183 chr_1
PHATRDRAFT_31662 | mono- or diacylglycerol acyltransferase (LPLAT superfamily) Phatr_hclust_0191 Phatr_bicluster_0248 chr_1
PHATRDRAFT_31663 | c21orf57 isoform a protein (UPF0054) Phatr_hclust_0002 chr_1
PHATRDRAFT_8877 | protein kinase 6-like (PKc_like superfamily) Phatr_hclust_0472 Phatr_bicluster_0257 chr_1
PHATRDRAFT_31665 | (Acid_PPase superfamily) Phatr_hclust_0366 chr_1
PHATRDRAFT_3171 | mitochondrial translocase complex component (NIF) Phatr_hclust_0182 Phatr_bicluster_0208 chr_1
PHATRDRAFT_17344 | (COG2252) Phatr_hclust_0082 Phatr_bicluster_0061 chr_1
PHATRDRAFT_24474 | 20s proteasome subunit pac1 (Ntn_hydrolase superfamily) Phatr_hclust_0130 Phatr_bicluster_0249 chr_1
PHATRDRAFT_9278 | histone deacetylase superfamily (HDAC_classIV) Phatr_hclust_0125 Phatr_bicluster_0149 chr_1
PHATRDRAFT_42635 | dsba oxidoreductase (Thioredoxin_like superfamily) Phatr_hclust_0390 chr_1
PHATRDRAFT_42636 | transportin-serine arginine rich cg2848-pa (Xpo1 superfamily) Phatr_hclust_0234 Phatr_bicluster_0051 chr_1
PHATRDRAFT_42638 | (UAA) Phatr_hclust_0404 chr_1
PHATRDRAFT_53961 | cell wall surface anchor family protein Phatr_hclust_0474 Phatr_bicluster_0012 chr_1
PHATRDRAFT_8407 | ankyrin repeat and fyve domain containing 1 (FYVE) Phatr_hclust_0412 chr_1
PHATRDRAFT_42642 | exonuclease familyexpressed (REX1_like) Phatr_hclust_0396 Phatr_bicluster_0175 chr_1
PHATRDRAFT_42643 | zinc knuckle familyexpressed (COG1293) Phatr_hclust_0399 chr_1
PHATRDRAFT_42647 | (cyclophilin superfamily) Phatr_hclust_0472 Phatr_bicluster_0257 chr_1