Phaeodactylum tricornutum Transcripts

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Locus Hierarchical Cluster cMonkey module Scaffold
PHATRDRAFT_42708 | (Condensation superfamily) Phatr_hclust_0266 Phatr_bicluster_0013 chr_1
PHATRDRAFT_9547 | replication factor c (activator 1) 4 (rfc) Phatr_hclust_0182 Phatr_bicluster_0165 chr_1
PHATRDRAFT_8720 | 50s ribosomal protein l17 (rplQ) Phatr_hclust_0147 Phatr_bicluster_0256 chr_1
PHATRDRAFT_9427 | mgc84616 protein (Glyco_tran_28_C) Phatr_hclust_0239 chr_1
PHATRDRAFT_9490 | kelch motif family protein (BTB) Phatr_hclust_0391 Phatr_bicluster_0231 chr_1
PHATRDRAFT_42712 | ran-specific gtpase-activating protein (RanBD_family) Phatr_hclust_0143 Phatr_bicluster_0014 chr_1
PHATRDRAFT_31764 | hsf-type dna-binding domain containing protein (HSF_DNA-bind superfamily) Phatr_hclust_0388 Phatr_bicluster_0062 chr_1
PHATRDRAFT_8686 | ribosomal protein s12 (Ribosomal_L7Ae) Phatr_hclust_0146 Phatr_bicluster_0228 chr_1
PHATRDRAFT_42714 | heat shock factor (HSF_DNA-bind) Phatr_hclust_0493 chr_1
PHATRDRAFT_6927 | proline betainemfs family protein Phatr_hclust_0407 Phatr_bicluster_0157 chr_1
PHATRDRAFT_31768 | elongation factor ts (tsf) Phatr_hclust_0142 Phatr_bicluster_0256 chr_1
PHATRDRAFT_6258 | af361826_1 at1g42440 f7f22_7 (DUF663) Phatr_hclust_0243 Phatr_bicluster_0215 chr_1
PHATRDRAFT_8940 | fkbp-type peptidyl-prolyl cis-trans isomerase (FKBP_C) Phatr_hclust_0062 Phatr_bicluster_0208 chr_1
PHATRDRAFT_9011 | mal s 6 allergen (cyclophilin superfamily) Phatr_hclust_0064 chr_1
PHATRDRAFT_31772 | ubiquitin-specific protease 4 (Peptidase_C19) Phatr_hclust_0367 Phatr_bicluster_0189 chr_1
PHATRDRAFT_42720 | (ANK) Phatr_hclust_0248 chr_1
PHATRDRAFT_42721 | conserved protein (Gly_transf_sug superfamily) Phatr_hclust_0195 Phatr_bicluster_0248 chr_1
PHATRDRAFT_42723 | pyrimidine 5-nucleotidase (HAD_2) Phatr_hclust_0121 Phatr_bicluster_0241 chr_1
PHATRDRAFT_1784 | cytosolic imp-gmp specific 5- (5_nucleotid superfamily) Phatr_hclust_0308 Phatr_bicluster_0001 chr_1
PHATRDRAFT_31778 | m23 27 family protein (Peptidase_M23) Phatr_hclust_0349 Phatr_bicluster_0151 chr_1
PHATRDRAFT_8717 | glycine serine serine threonine (SHMT) Phatr_hclust_0302 chr_1
PHATRDRAFT_42726 | ribonucleoside-diphosphate reductase large chain (PLN02437) Phatr_hclust_0096 Phatr_bicluster_0176 chr_1
PHATRDRAFT_31781 | novel proteinx-ray repair complementing defective repair in chinese hamster cells 3 (zgc:101608) (... Phatr_hclust_0109 Phatr_bicluster_0168 chr_1
PHATRDRAFT_3362 | mus musculuss-adenosylmethionine decarboxylase 1 (PLN02524) Phatr_hclust_0410 Phatr_bicluster_0170 chr_1
PHATRDRAFT_8950 | protein homolog (AAA) Phatr_hclust_0232 Phatr_bicluster_0030 chr_1
PHATRDRAFT_42729 | usp42 protein (Peptidase_C19 superfamily) Phatr_hclust_0208 chr_1
PHATRDRAFT_42730 | c transferase (GlcNAc superfamily) Phatr_hclust_0330 chr_1
PHATRDRAFT_8657 | strg_strgrstreptomycin biosynthesis protein strg Phatr_hclust_0042 chr_1
PHATRDRAFT_42732 | rna terminal phosphate cyclase domain 1 (RNA_3prim_cycl) Phatr_hclust_0485 chr_1
PHATRDRAFT_9040 | zeta-carotene desaturase (zeta_caro_desat) Phatr_hclust_0491 Phatr_bicluster_0040 chr_1
PHATRDRAFT_9255 | polyunsaturated fatty acid elongase 2 (ELO) Phatr_hclust_0229 Phatr_bicluster_0235 chr_1
PHATRDRAFT_42735 | sumo smt3 ligase (zf-MIZ) Phatr_hclust_0483 chr_1
PHATRDRAFT_42736 | aldo keto reductase family (Aldo_ket_red) Phatr_hclust_0432 chr_1
PHATRDRAFT_3527 | at5g47860 mca23_20 (DUF1350 superfamily) Phatr_hclust_0484 Phatr_bicluster_0062 chr_1
PHATRDRAFT_42740 | tocopheroltransfer protein (ataxia (friedreich-like) with vitamin e deficiency) (SEC14) Phatr_hclust_0335 chr_1
PHATRDRAFT_42741 | tpr repeat protein (Sulfotransfer_1 superfamily) Phatr_hclust_0108 Phatr_bicluster_0078 chr_1
PHATRDRAFT_42743 | membrane protein (Rhomboid) Phatr_hclust_0097 Phatr_bicluster_0144 chr_1
PHATRDRAFT_42744 | (FSH1 superfamily) Phatr_hclust_0050 Phatr_bicluster_0208 chr_1
PHATRDRAFT_8917 | mgc82641 protein (Ras_like_GTPase superfamily) Phatr_hclust_0333 chr_1
PHATRDRAFT_24610 | triose or hexose phosphate phosphate (tpt) Phatr_hclust_0173 Phatr_bicluster_0059 chr_1
PHATRDRAFT_9266 | domain protein (GATase1_Hsp31_like) Phatr_hclust_0351 Phatr_bicluster_0198 chr_1
PHATRDRAFT_42749 | component of oligomeric golgi complex 5 isoform 3 Phatr_hclust_0124 Phatr_bicluster_0241 chr_1
PHATRDRAFT_42750 | (Racemase_4) Phatr_hclust_0193 Phatr_bicluster_0131 chr_1
PHATRDRAFT_42751 | twik-2 two-pore-domain k+ channel Phatr_hclust_0391 chr_1
PHATRDRAFT_42753 | (CPSF_A) Phatr_hclust_0058 chr_1
PHATRDRAFT_41676 | nucleoside diphosphate kinase family protein (NDPk_I) Phatr_hclust_0149 Phatr_bicluster_0097 chr_1
PHATRDRAFT_42754 | (RRM_SF) Phatr_hclust_0142 Phatr_bicluster_0256 chr_1
PHATRDRAFT_42755 | zip family transporter: zinc ion (Zip superfamily) Phatr_hclust_0418 Phatr_bicluster_0057 chr_1
PHATRDRAFT_31816 | ecotropic viral integration site 5 protein homolog (evi-5) (neuroblastoma stage 4s gene) (RabGAP-... Phatr_hclust_0371 chr_1
PHATRDRAFT_42757 | p23 co-chaperone of hsp90 system (p23_hB-ind1_like) Phatr_hclust_0147 Phatr_bicluster_0125 chr_1