Phaeodactylum tricornutum Transcripts

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Locus Hierarchical Cluster cMonkey module Scaffold
PHATRDRAFT_9538 | sulfiteferredoxin dependent (PLN00178) Phatr_hclust_0243 Phatr_bicluster_0098 chr_1
PHATRDRAFT_42537 | copia protein (gag-int-pol protein) Phatr_hclust_0455 chr_1
PHATRDRAFT_51345 | af384038_1silencing group b protein (RimI) Phatr_hclust_0005 chr_1
PHATRDRAFT_42538 | aquaporin (MIP superfamily) Phatr_hclust_0278 Phatr_bicluster_0070 chr_1
PHATRDRAFT_42539 | cdc2-related kinase (PKc_like superfamily) Phatr_hclust_0434 chr_1
PHATRDRAFT_9342 | ubiquitin activating enzyme e1-like protein (E1_enzyme_family superfamily) Phatr_hclust_0050 Phatr_bicluster_0080 chr_1
PHATRDRAFT_31556 | mj0042 family finger-like protein Phatr_hclust_0386 chr_1
PHATRDRAFT_42542 | gaba-a receptor-associated membrane protein 3 (zf-DHHC superfamily) Phatr_hclust_0362 Phatr_bicluster_0151 chr_1
PHATRDRAFT_31559 | af404749_1syntaxin 6 (Syntaxin-6_N superfamily) Phatr_hclust_0302 chr_1
PHATRDRAFT_9185 | novel proteinvertebrate gtp binding protein 2 (GTPBP1) Phatr_hclust_0378 Phatr_bicluster_0144 chr_1
PHATRDRAFT_42545 | mg2+ transporter (MgtE) Phatr_hclust_0112 Phatr_bicluster_0229 chr_1
PHATRDRAFT_42547 | glycosyl transferase (Gly_transf_sug superfamily) Phatr_hclust_0106 Phatr_bicluster_0042 chr_1
PHATRDRAFT_42548 | glucose inhibited division protein (GidB) Phatr_hclust_0204 Phatr_bicluster_0251 chr_1
PHATRDRAFT_17259 | 26s proteasome regulatory subunit s12 (mov34 protein) (PLN03246) Phatr_hclust_0196 Phatr_bicluster_0131 chr_1
PHATRDRAFT_3062 | myst1_orysjmyst-like histone acetyltransferase 1 (PLN03239) Phatr_hclust_0291 chr_1
PHATRDRAFT_17265 | proton phosphate symporter (MFS) Phatr_hclust_0289 Phatr_bicluster_0221 chr_1
PHATRDRAFT_9546 | novel proteincatechol-o-methyltransferase comt (AdoMet_MTases superfamily) Phatr_hclust_0339 Phatr_bicluster_0245 chr_1
PHATRDRAFT_83 | abc transporter (ABCG_PDR_domain2) Phatr_hclust_0406 Phatr_bicluster_0148 chr_1
PHATRDRAFT_42555 | sulfate transporter (SUL1) Phatr_hclust_0376 chr_1
PHATRDRAFT_42556 | sulfate transporter family protein (SUL1) Phatr_hclust_0410 Phatr_bicluster_0130 chr_1
PHATRDRAFT_42557 | nod3isoform cra_d (LRR_RI superfamily) Phatr_hclust_0156 Phatr_bicluster_0100 chr_1
PHATRDRAFT_5762 | ac079935_17pyridoxamine 5-phosphate oxidase (PLN03050) Phatr_hclust_0155 Phatr_bicluster_0190 chr_1
PHATRDRAFT_42559 | c18orf55 protein (TIM21 superfamily) Phatr_hclust_0245 chr_1
PHATRDRAFT_42561 | histidine acid phosphatase family protein (HP_HAP_like) Phatr_hclust_0346 Phatr_bicluster_0221 chr_1
PHATRDRAFT_17276 | skp1 family (SKP1) Phatr_hclust_0032 chr_1
PHATRDRAFT_42563 | pentatricopeptiderepeat-containing protein Phatr_hclust_0392 Phatr_bicluster_0129 chr_1
PHATRDRAFT_42565 | peroxisomal membrane protein mpv17 and related proteins (Mpv17_PMP22) Phatr_hclust_0496 Phatr_bicluster_0040 chr_1
PHATRDRAFT_31584 | mule cg5505-isoform a (Peptidase_C19) Phatr_hclust_0404 Phatr_bicluster_0170 chr_1
PHATRDRAFT_42566 | protein disulfide-isomerase-like proteinep2 precursor (PDI_a_family) Phatr_hclust_0147 Phatr_bicluster_0125 chr_1
PHATRDRAFT_42567 | (Glyco_hydro_81 superfamily) Phatr_hclust_0001 chr_1
PHATRDRAFT_42568 | helicase domain protein (HA) Phatr_hclust_0364 Phatr_bicluster_0194 chr_1
PHATRDRAFT_42569 | helicase domain protein (HA) Phatr_hclust_0408 Phatr_bicluster_0189 chr_1
PHATRDRAFT_42570 | ribosomal rna processing 12 homolog (NUC173 superfamily) Phatr_hclust_0201 Phatr_bicluster_0237 chr_1
PHATRDRAFT_42571 | (UCH) Phatr_hclust_0156 Phatr_bicluster_0070 chr_1
PHATRDRAFT_24408 | mgc154353 protein (RimI) Phatr_hclust_0209 Phatr_bicluster_0230 chr_1
PHATRDRAFT_9444 | solute carrier familymember b2 (UAA) Phatr_hclust_0195 Phatr_bicluster_0057 chr_1
PHATRDRAFT_42574 | (alpha_CA superfamily) Phatr_hclust_0097 Phatr_bicluster_0167 chr_1
PHATRDRAFT_3211 | peptidasechymotrypsin:pdz dhr glgf (Trypsin_2) Phatr_hclust_0068 chr_1
PHATRDRAFT_42576 | hmg family member (hmg-4) (HMGB-UBF_HMG-box) Phatr_hclust_0368 Phatr_bicluster_0099 chr_1
PHATRDRAFT_42578 | (PPI_Ypi1) Phatr_hclust_0408 Phatr_bicluster_0150 chr_1
PHATRDRAFT_31599 | aldehyde dehydrogenase (ALDH) Phatr_hclust_0329 chr_1
PHATRDRAFT_9321 | chaperone protein (DnaJ) Phatr_hclust_0380 chr_1
PHATRDRAFT_51305 | carbonic anhydrase family protein (beta_CA_cladeA) Phatr_bicluster_0085 chr_1
PHATRDRAFT_51305 | carbonic anhydrase family protein (beta_CA_cladeA) Phatr_hclust_0135 Phatr_bicluster_0085 chr_1
PHATRDRAFT_42584 | (CDC6) Phatr_hclust_0448 chr_1
PHATRDRAFT_31605 | dnaj heat shock n-terminal domain-containing protein (DnaJ) Phatr_hclust_0129 Phatr_bicluster_0138 chr_1
PHATRDRAFT_42585 | zinc finger in n-recognin family protein (zf-UBR) Phatr_hclust_0205 Phatr_bicluster_0002 chr_1
PHATRDRAFT_42587 | leishmanolysin-like (metallopeptidase m8 family) (Peptidase_M8 superfamily) Phatr_hclust_0294 Phatr_bicluster_0252 chr_1
PHATRDRAFT_42588 | major surface like glycoprotein (Peptidase_M8 superfamily) Phatr_hclust_0253 Phatr_bicluster_0111 chr_1
PHATRDRAFT_17300 | platelet-activating factorisoformalpha subunit 45kda (WD40) Phatr_hclust_0167 chr_1