Rv1990c () is predicted to be co-regulated in modules bicluster_0220 with residual 0.49 and bicluster_0397 with residual 0.58.

This regulation is possibly mediated by two de-novo identified cis-regulatory motifs in each module with e-values , 9.80 and 4,900.00 for bicluster_0220 and 0.00 and 0.00 for bicluster_0397 respectively.

These modules are enriched for following go terms: nitrogen compound metabolic process, carbon-oxygen lyase activity.

This gene is found to be for growth on cholesterol.

Mutant available?:

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Gene Target Differential Expression Distance Expression pvalue Type
Mobile element protein
No -6 0.04 0.955062 CDS
Mobile element protein
No -11 0.04 0.955062 Antisense.TSS
not assigned to any KEGG Pathway.
No TFOE experiment results were found
TRIP log2 fold abundance change