Phaeodactylum tricornutum Transcripts

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Locus Hierarchical Cluster cMonkey module Scaffold
PHATRDRAFT_43019 | zw10_arath centromere kinetochore protein zw10 homolog (Zw10 superfamily) Phatr_hclust_0089 chr_1
PHATRDRAFT_43022 | deacetylase sulfotransferase Phatr_hclust_0110 chr_1
PHATRDRAFT_43023 | cg17332-isoform a isoform 2 (VATPase_H superfamily) Phatr_hclust_0051 chr_1
PHATRDRAFT_43024 | tetratricopeptide tpr_2 (TPR_12) Phatr_hclust_0190 Phatr_bicluster_0014 chr_1
PHATRDRAFT_43025 | esterase-like protein (Abhydrolase_6) Phatr_hclust_0411 Phatr_bicluster_0175 chr_1
PHATRDRAFT_43026 | nuclear autoantigenic sperm protein (histone-binding) Phatr_hclust_0448 chr_1
PHATRDRAFT_43027 | nf-kappa-b inhibitor alpha (major histocompatibility complex enhancer-binding protein mad3) (i-... Phatr_hclust_0408 Phatr_bicluster_0194 chr_1
PHATRDRAFT_24886 | transcription factor protein (HMGB-UBF_HMG-box) Phatr_hclust_0027 Phatr_bicluster_0249 chr_1
PHATRDRAFT_43029 | (TFIIS_M) Phatr_hclust_0148 chr_1
PHATRDRAFT_9235 | rpa2_schpo probable dna-directed rna polymerase i subunit rpa2 (dna-directed rna polymerase i... Phatr_hclust_0141 Phatr_bicluster_0124 chr_1
PHATRDRAFT_54027 | light-harvesting protein (Chloroa_b-bind superfamily) Phatr_hclust_0111 Phatr_bicluster_0217 chr_1
PHATRDRAFT_17766 | chloroplast light harvesting protein isoform 12 (Chloroa_b-bind superfamily) Phatr_hclust_0111 Phatr_bicluster_0217 chr_1
PHATRDRAFT_9476 | 2-oxoisovalerate dehydrogenase alphamitochondrialexpressed (TPP_E1_PDC_ADC_BCADC) Phatr_hclust_0346 Phatr_bicluster_0221 chr_1
PHATRDRAFT_43033 | ubx2_schpo ubx domain-containing protein 2 (UAS) Phatr_hclust_0334 Phatr_bicluster_0026 chr_1
PHATRDRAFT_43034 | cyclin e2 (COG5024) Phatr_hclust_0236 Phatr_bicluster_0254 chr_1
PHATRDRAFT_17772 | (PLN03206) Phatr_hclust_0200 Phatr_bicluster_0098 chr_1
PHATRDRAFT_43038 | vacuolar protein sorting 11 (yeast homolog) isoform 4 Phatr_hclust_0055 chr_1
PHATRDRAFT_8773 | akin10 (arabidopsis snf1 kinase homologsnf1-related protein kinase) protein kinase (S_TKc) Phatr_hclust_0061 Phatr_bicluster_0079 chr_1
PHATRDRAFT_32173 | peroxisomal targeting sequence 1 receptor (TPR) Phatr_hclust_0046 Phatr_bicluster_0081 chr_1
PHATRDRAFT_32176 | transmembrane protein 112 (LMF1) Phatr_hclust_0496 chr_1
PHATRDRAFT_43043 | atp-dependent protease (LON) Phatr_hclust_0496 chr_1
PHATRDRAFT_32178 | nuclear division rft1 (MATE_like superfamily) Phatr_hclust_0152 Phatr_bicluster_0091 chr_1
PHATRDRAFT_9210 | cog1233: phytoene dehydrogenase and related proteins (COG1233) Phatr_hclust_0177 Phatr_bicluster_0140 chr_1
PHATRDRAFT_43046 | cyclin b3 (CYCLIN) Phatr_hclust_0100 Phatr_bicluster_0144 chr_1
PHATRDRAFT_43047 | (AP_muniscins_like_MHD) Phatr_hclust_0264 chr_1
PHATRDRAFT_32183 | myb-like protein (SANT) Phatr_hclust_0465 chr_1
PHATRDRAFT_17779 | nucleosome assembly protein (NAP) Phatr_hclust_0140 Phatr_bicluster_0230 chr_1
PHATRDRAFT_9137 | molybdopterin synthase small subunit mocs2a (MoaE) Phatr_hclust_0062 Phatr_bicluster_0061 chr_1
PHATRDRAFT_24915 | regulator of telomere length splice variant isoform 4 (rad3) Phatr_hclust_0314 chr_1
PHATRDRAFT_43051 | stress response regulator hfs transcription (HSF_DNA-bind) Phatr_hclust_0301 Phatr_bicluster_0115 chr_1
PHATRDRAFT_43052 | na h exchanger family member (nhx-8) (NhaP) Phatr_hclust_0406 Phatr_bicluster_0182 chr_1
PHATRDRAFT_9372 | elongation factor ef-3 (Uup) Phatr_hclust_0243 Phatr_bicluster_0102 chr_1
PHATRDRAFT_9017 | upf0326 proteinexpressed (Peptidase_C97) Phatr_hclust_0412 Phatr_bicluster_0132 chr_1
PHATRDRAFT_24922 | dna-directed rna polymerase (Zn-ribbon_RPB9) Phatr_hclust_0233 chr_1
PHATRDRAFT_43058 | calcyclin binding protein (p23_CacyBP) Phatr_hclust_0103 Phatr_bicluster_0060 chr_1
PHATRDRAFT_17794 | loc496002 protein (Mito_carr) Phatr_hclust_0080 chr_1
PHATRDRAFT_43061 | dna j-like protein 1 (DnaJ) Phatr_hclust_0172 Phatr_bicluster_0120 chr_1
PHATRDRAFT_32202 | lysyl-trna synthetase (lysS) Phatr_hclust_0148 Phatr_bicluster_0188 chr_1
PHATRDRAFT_41701 | nuclear distribution gene c homolog (p23_NUDC_like) Phatr_hclust_0392 Phatr_bicluster_0130 chr_1
PHATRDRAFT_43063 | (DUF3082 superfamily) Phatr_hclust_0034 Phatr_bicluster_0223 chr_1
PHATRDRAFT_41702 | tryptophan synthase beta chain (Trp-synth_B) Phatr_hclust_0153 Phatr_bicluster_0098 chr_1
PHATRDRAFT_43065 | e2f transcription factor 2 (E2F_TDP) Phatr_hclust_0409 Phatr_bicluster_0163 chr_1
PHATRDRAFT_43067 | (Rotamase) Phatr_hclust_0437 chr_1
PHATRDRAFT_43068 | small nuclear ribonucleoparticle-associated protein (Sm_like superfamily) Phatr_hclust_0050 Phatr_bicluster_0037 chr_1
PHATRDRAFT_43071 | rna (guanine-7-) methyltransferase (AdoMet_MTases superfamily) Phatr_hclust_0131 Phatr_bicluster_0199 chr_1
PHATRDRAFT_43072 | tpr repeat Phatr_hclust_0154 Phatr_bicluster_0042 chr_1
PHATRDRAFT_24935 | rh26_orysj dead-box atp-dependent rna helicase 26 (DEXDc superfamily) Phatr_hclust_0412 Phatr_bicluster_0128 chr_1
PHATRDRAFT_43076 | hd phosphohydrolase family protein (HDc superfamily) Phatr_hclust_0121 Phatr_bicluster_0241 chr_1
PHATRDRAFT_8926 | phenylalanyl-trnaalpha subunit (pheS) Phatr_hclust_0232 Phatr_bicluster_0051 chr_1
PHATRDRAFT_8112 | aminoacyl-trna synthetase cofactor (tRNA_bindingDomain superfamily) Phatr_hclust_0232 Phatr_bicluster_0051 chr_1